SAP InfiniteInsight

Make smarter decisions and win more customers with SAP InfiniteInsight for predictive analytics

With traditional predictive analytics, you can expect to spend a great deal of time on activities that are manual, repetitive, and prone to human error. SAP InfiniteInsight (formerly KXEN) has changed all that – automating most of the effort so that users can gain unprecedented customer insight and make forward-looking decisions with ease.


  • Make predictive analytics accessible to a broad spectrum of users in real operational environments
  • Automate data prep, predictive modeling, and deployment tasks
  • Build sophisticated predictive models in minutes or hours, not weeks or months
  • Scale for petabytes of Big Data and gain rapid insight from thousands of variables
  • Increase accuracy by including all potential variables and eliminating manual errors

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Intuitive, Self-Service Predictive Analytics

With SAP InfiniteInsight, it’s not about building great algorithms in a lab environment – it’s about solving real business problems. Learn more about the application and how it can help you quickly and easily create predictive models – for unprecedented insight into your business.

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Build Predictive Models 3X Faster

According to a recent benchmark report from Aberdeen, SAP InfiniteInsight (previously KXEN) users are 50% more likely to target customers through personalized offers and use behavioral data like website clickstreams – predictive analytics that are critical to Big Data initiatives.

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Access Predictive CRM Apps in the Cloud

Today’s apps are moving to the cloud – and so is your need for insight. Check out this short demo to see how we’ve taken SAP InfiniteInsight and delivered it as a multi-tenant, cloud-native service – so you can easily deliver personalized offers across any customer-facing channel.

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