SAP EHS Management: Product Safety

Provide safe transport, storage, and use of hazardous materials with our product safety software

Our material and product software help you ensure the safety and compliance of your products – from production, storage, and use to distribution and disposal – for the environment and your employees and customers. Protect revenue while reducing efforts to ensure compliance without disrupting your operations and overall business.

  • Ensure safe and correct global labeling, storage, packaging, and transportation of dangerous goods
  • Conduct comprehensive substance volume tracking and registration checks
  • Create consistent compliant global documents, such as SDSs and labels
  • Reduce the cost of compliance by automating information and document creation
  • Rely on credible, auditable compliance data when communicating with customers and supply chain
  • Reduce risk and drive control by enforcing hazmat considerations across all processes
Ship transports freight
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Featured Resources

Worker Monitoring a Chemical Plant

Clariant: Better Product Safety and Stewardship

Read how Clariant International Ltd. uses product safety and stewardship solutions from SAP to provide specialty chemicals to companies worldwide. The solutions help chemical manufacturers, their customers, and their supply chains manage a fast-growing array of environmental, health, and safety regulations.

Image of bridge representing SAP’s commitment to the Codex of PLM Openness initiative

Codex of PLM Openness Initiative

SAP supports the Codex of PLM Openness (CPO) initiative that defines the interoperability, portability and extensibility of IT systems. SAP has been a member of the CPO workgroup since it started and openness is a key element of our solution strategy.

An employee measures parts

Sika: Enforcing Product Safety Compliance

Hear Dr. Hubert Norz explain how the Sika Group benefits from SAP EHS Management and SAP Services for safety data sheet creation. Sika achieves compliance with product safety regulations, like REACH, and with transport rules for dangerous goods, labeling, and calculations for package recycling.

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