Transportation Management

Optimize freight and shipping operations with transportation management solutions from SAP

Enable your supply chain to ship freight when and where you need it – especially if you need it quickly – with transportation management software from SAP. Consolidate orders, optimize shipping and freight across your company, and maximize returns on transportation costs.

  • Quickly confirm stop events or report a delay
  • Display freight order details and report the status of deliveries on a mobile device
  • Increase competiveness with options for freight tendering and track your freight as needed
  • Streamline processes for assigning and tendering shipments to carriers
  • Consolidate orders and optimize shipments from centralized locations or distributed units
  • Select carriers, calculate freight costs, settle shipment costs, and print documents
Bridge connecting destinations coordinated with  freight and transportation management software
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Featured Resources

Semi-trailer truck receiving containers monitored with transportation management software

C.H. Guenther & Son: Optimizing Transport

Learn how food manufacturer C.H. Guenther uses SAP Transportation Management to handle inbound and outbound transportation for all of its plants. SAP software handles the company's many modes of transport, offers full visibility into the company's supply chain, and enables each of the company's plants to use the same process.

Man in hard hat working in shipping yard

On-Time Delivery And Profitability? Absolutely

How can you meet your customers' delivery requirements while still achieving profitability? With SAP software you can streamline transportation management in request management, planning, execution, and much more.

Multiple lane highway with blur of headlights and taillights

Meet Transportation Requirements – Profitably

Read how SAP Transportation Management helps companies meet customer delivery requirements while still achieving profitability. SAP helps streamline transportation management in key areas such as request management, planning, execution, subcontracting and tendering, freight charge management, and much more.

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