SAP Supply Network Collaboration

Boost supplier collaboration and efficiency – to respond to market demands – with SAP software

Connect and collaborate with suppliers, outsourced manufacturers, and customers with SAP supplier network collaboration software. Improve visibility into supply and demand to reduce inventory buffers, accelerate the movement of materials through the pipeline, improve customer service, and increase revenues.

  • Streamline collaboration with your suppliers, contract manufacturers, and customers
  • Significantly decrease procurement, sales, and inventory costs
  • Enhance supply chain visibility and increase overall speed, accuracy, and adaptability of your supply network
  • Reduce inventory levels while managing variations in supply and demand
  • Improve communications and reduces errors and processing costs


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SAP Supplier InfoNet solution brief

Solution Brief

Find out how SAP Supplier InfoNet employs "crowd sourcing" among enterprises to give insight into supplier performance and enhance risk management. SAP Supplier InfoNet collects performance data about suppliers, provides valuable KPIs and benchmarks, predicts supplier behavior, and helps mitigate risk.

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Conair: Optimizing Outsourced Manufacturing

See how Conair, a leading personal care company, leverages the SAP Supply Network Collaboration application to improve visibility and tracking of manufacturing vendors' progress.

Smarter Business Innovations

Smarter Business Innovations

Rethink your business processes on the fly – and invent innovative, data-driven business models never before possible – with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Learn more about this groundbreaking technology – and discover how businesses can transform into real time industry leaders.

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