Collaborative Product Development for Process Industries

Achieve product excellence in process manufacturing with integrated collaboration and product development software

Lay the foundation for collaborative product development with SAP software. Integrate internal resources, partners, customers, and suppliers. Share critical data – project plans, recipes, product structures and documentation, service bulletins, audit results, and change orders – across virtual teams.

  • Reduce design cycle times through collaboration and efficient use of resources
  • Simplify approvals of change requests with a user-defined change management record
  • Optimize formulations, and create and manage product specifications and product labeling data
  • Evaluate real-time calculations of key measurements, such as nutrients, chemical properties, and costs
  • Make better decisions with context-relevant information about current objects
Chemical engineer working on a product design
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Woman shopping at a cosmetics counter for products designed with collaboration and product development software

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Learn how this global consumer products company is using our comprehensive, transparent document management solution to create and distribute product dossiers electronically – cutting costs and time, while ensuring a single version of the truth.

Chemical engineer working with product development software

Design for Compliance

Integrating regulatory controls directly into your development process is a sure-fire way to help ensure compliant specifications. Learn how you can embed compliance across design, development, and maintenance with SAP Business Suite software.

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Product Lifecycle Management in a Highly Regulated Industry

Learn how ExxonMobil, a multinational energy company, plans to leverage the SAP Product Lifecycle Management application to bring product information management to the next level. Hear how managing change tools can help ensure product integrity.

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