Supplier Self Service

Help your suppliers help themselves with supplier self-service software from SAP

Rely on SAP Supplier Self-Service software as the IT foundation for supplier collaboration – the key enabler of order accuracy, process efficiencies, and reduced invoice exceptions. When you share information and automate processes with suppliers, you speed PO execution and cut processing time and cost.

  • Reduce overhead and paperwork with streamlined supplier collaboration
  • Empower your supply base with self-service capabilities
  • Focus on strategic procurement activities by freeing up critical staff time
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Faster Order Processing – Less Paperwork

SAP Supplier Self-Service is an intuitive, Web-enabled application that can be shared with suppliers – enabling everything from bid solicitations to order fulfillment and invoice processing– to speed PO execution and cut processing time and cost.

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Cultivate Value-Driven Supplier Relationships

Lower costs, reduce risk, and create more effective relationships that help drive competitive advantage. How? With SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management. Discover how this software can help you strategically manage your suppliers and control the end-to-end supplier lifecycle.

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Managing Suppliers as Corporate Assets

How do best-in-class procurement departments use technology to help key suppliers grow in value? Ardent Partners put the IT focus on supplier information management, performance management, and risk management.

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