Data Enrichment and Classification OnDemand

Free decision makers of second-guess worries with data enrichment and classification on-demand software

Reliable data is crucial to the success of your procurement initiatives. Without it, can you ever be confident that you're making the right decisions? SAP Data Enrichment and Classification OnDemand software helps to ensure that YOU have the most reliable information so that your spend analyses and suppliers risk assessments are accurate, trustworthy, and complete.

  • Collect more accurate and complete company-wide spend data from multiple SAP and non-SAP sources
  • Quickly identify and leverage opportunities by normalizing supplier data
  • Make better decisions with added information from trusted sources
  • Gain more consistent and complete data on all purchases to effectively plan the supply market
  • Automatically improve future processes using revision functionality
  • Own the process in-house and run it whenever and how often you want
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