SAP Contract Lifecycle Management

Achieve contract compliance success with our contract lifecycle management software

Our contract lifecycle management software supports your entire contract lifecycle – from contract creation through renewals. Get a better handle on your contract creation process, repository and compliance by addressing issues such as inconsistent language, incomplete approvals, long contract completion cycles, limited visibility, and non-compliance.

  • Automate contract creation and collaboration to accelerate time to contract
  • Lower legal, financial, and regulatory risk through standardized language and reporting
  • Protect your company's bottom line
  • Realize full savings and revenue through contract visibility and awareness
  • Ensure more control and better compliance throughout the contract lifecycle
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SAP Named a Leader in Contract Lifecycle Mgmt

Driven by strong demand from sourcing and legal professionals, the need for contract lifecycle management is more important than ever before. Discover why Forrester named SAP as a leader in contract lifecycle management software.

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Getting Started with Contract Lifecycle Mgmt

Explore our contract lifecycle management solution. Discover the benefits of standardized processes, better compliance, and greater visibility – from contract creation through renewals.

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See our Commodity Management Solutions in Action

Experience our commodity management solutions firsthand. Watch this demo to see how easy it is to create a purchase order, check raw commodity exposures, monitor your current risk position, and execute and verify a hedge – whether you’re buying commodities, selling, or both.

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