Manufacturing Operations

Rethink business-as-usual with manufacturing operations software that links the shop floor to the enterprise

Take advantage of manufacturing operations software solutions that integrate data systems with shop-floor activities. Improve customer service, cut costs, and manage compliance and operational performance by unifying operations.

  • Accurately track and manage complex work-in-progress scenarios
  • Improve quality and reduce variation through corrective-action processes
  • Access real-time manufacturing data to make fast, informed decisions


Executive and plant manager reviewing how to manage the shop floor with manufacturing operations software
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Factory worker working on assembly line

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Trying to save time and money in manufacturing while still meeting customer needs and quality and safety standards? That’s a lot to take on, so you’re going to want help. See what a difference SAP manufacturing software solutions can make.

Worker on an assembly line supported by manufacturing operations software

Truly Integrate Your Manufacturing Operations

In manufacturing, integration means more than just tight connections among production operations. It means tight connections with the entire enterprise. That’s what you get with SAP MII.

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Sauer Danfoss: Running 95% of Its Business on SAP

How does a company integrate its manufacturing execution with its planning operations, its supplier network, its finance and controlling people, and the rest of the business? Here’s one that does it all with SAP software.

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