SAP User Experience Management by Knoa

Get the insights you need to boost user efficiency – with our user experience management software

Improve the performance of your SAP software – and your end users – with the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa. Assess how an application performs for each person – separating real usability issues from opinions – and take corrective action to ensure that you get the full value from your SAP products.

  • Monitor user-application interaction and collect contextual information to identify user issues
  • Measure software response times to get insight into system issues and their impact on users
  • Get reports with immediate, actionable information for closing gaps in efficiency and performance
  • Maximize training investment by pinpointing actual training needs
  • Provide executives with insight about application usage, adoption, and policy compliance
  • Lower end-user support costs and reduce calls to the help desk
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    • SAP User Experience Management by Knoa: reducing costs for implementation, training, and support. You invested in SAP software to automate processes, enhance productivity, and achieve your business goals. But how do you know which workers are having trouble with which transactions? How can you tell if your software is performing for each employee who uses it? How do you measure, beyond hearsay and anecdotes, the actual user experience? That's the power of SAP User Experience Management by Knoa. SAP User Experience Management gives you the information you need to get the most out of your SAP software – and the people who use it. The application accurately monitors how employees are using SAP software. It also measures how employees experience SAP software performance at their desktop. It then provides input into comprehensive reports you can use to resolve problems, improve response times, pinpoint training needs, and ensure that users are achieving all the value you expect from SAP. SAP User Experience Management provides metrics to address key user-performance issues. The application gathers metrics in real time, from the user's perspective, as the user interacts with SAP software. It captures steps taken before, during, and after every transaction. It shows when users encounter problems or slow response times so you can resolve problems and optimize productivity. It even lets you identify specific issues that cause users trouble, and address those problems with targeted training. SAP User Experience Management provides a single source of user metrics for key functions across the enterprise. It provides this visibility non-intrusively, with no need for integration and no impact on the system being monitored. Automated discovery and analysis means there's no need to write scripts or define a data-collection strategy. You get immediate, relevant information that enables you to fine-tune processes, close training and performance gaps, and build value. So you can reduce application and user errors, link training investments to actual user performance, and figure out where you need to improve application response for increased productivity and lower cost of ownership. What's more, your help desk no longer has to ask users to replicate problems enabling you to minimize escalations and accelerate resolution cycles. With SAP User Experience Management, a global consumer- products company redesigned its training program, for an annual cost savings of $395,000. A global telecommunications firm improved software performance management, for an annual cost savings of $350,000. SAP User Experience Management delivers accurate, real-time, business-critical data to drive maximum value from your SAP software. You gain the insights you need to understand the impact of problems, take corrective action, and promote efficient and effective use of SAP applications and processes. It's no wonder more and more organizations are turning to SAP User Experience Management to optimize the value of their SAP software. The best-run businesses run SAP.
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