SAP Employee File Management by OpenText

Search and access the information you need – when you need it – with employee file management

Our employee file management software can help you deliver complete, compliant, accessible digital records of your workforce – making your HR organization more efficient. The result? Simplified management of worker-related documents – lowering operational costs and making your employees happier.

  • Process personnel tasks faster with fewer errors – reducing time spent on labor-intensive, administrative tasks
  • Organize records for instant accessibility and search – complying with legal requirements
  • Deliver high-quality HR services for large numbers of employees at reduced time and cost
  • Consolidate HR staff duties to service all locations – reducing HR overhead and other costs
  • Optimize and automate strategic activities such as recruitment, skills development, and more
Employee accesses digitized document
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Quick Video: Employee File Management

See SAP Employee File Management by OpenText in action. Watch this quick video to learn how you can centrally manage all of your employee-related documents – print and electronic – while providing the right people with secure, self-service access to records.

HR staff member accessing employee files with SAP management software

Building Up HR as a Strategic Partner

Free your HR team to focus on recruitment and skills development and be a strategic resource for you. Support your HR staff with efficient integrating, storing, retrieving, and archiving of employee data, while maintaining high levels of security – even across the globe.

Employees review their personnel information

Driving HR Excellence While Mitigating Risk

Find out how you can use the SAP Employee File Management application by Open Text to centrally manage all employee records – both paper and electronic, eliminate the need to copy and send paper personnel files between locations, and provide the right people with self-service access to employee records.

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