SAP Fraud Management

Better detect and prevent fraud – with our fraud management software

Reduce financial loss with earlier fraud detection – and more effective prevention – using SAP Fraud Management.  Powered by SAP HANA, our real-time in-memory computing platform, this holistic software will help your fraud investigators:

  • Uncover hidden trends and patterns in large amounts data to detect fraud in near real time
  • Reduce false positives – and increase productivity – with powerful simulation features
  • Quickly adapt to evolving fraud patterns and enhance prevention with improved fraud strategy – management
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with advanced analytic capabilities and greater visibility
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Reduce Financial Loss

Protect your organization with SAP Fraud Management leveraging the power of SAP HANA. The software offers real-time detection features that help your investigators deter and prevent fraud as early as possible to reduce losses and protect revenue.

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Enhance Protection and Security

See how SAP Fraud Management uses advanced rules and algorithms on large amounts of data to identify and predict fraud-related behavior, issue alerts, and block fraudulent transactions to prevent further damage.

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SAP Fraud Management - Free Trial

Get hands on with SAP Fraud Management with this free trial. Discover how the application helps companies and organizations optimize their operations by identifying fraud to avoid financial damages.

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