SAP Sales Diary Mobile App

Stay on top of your accounts, opportunities, and activities – with the SAP Sales Diary mobile app

Prepare for meetings, capture important sales data, take action items, and follow up – anytime, anywhere – with the SAP Sales Diary mobile app. Plus, this innovative app adds the information you’ve collected to relevant accounts, opportunities, and activities in your SAP CRM solution – so you can keep all of your key notes and insights in one place.    

  • Capture, organize, and search sales notes – online or offline    
  • Convert notes into activities or tasks, and attach them to CRM objects  
  • Access relevant, user-specific CRM information on the go  
  • Organize content by specific CRM need using an extensibility framework

Mobile device with the SAP Sales Diary mobile app
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Sales professional using a mobile app on her tablet

Quick Preview: SAP Sales Diary

Watch how to use this innovative app to add information you've collected to relevant accounts, opportunities, and activities into your SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application.

Swiss army knife, representing the various features of our CRM sales app

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