SAP Interview Assistant Mobile App

Expedite the hiring process with our recruiting app

Introduce new efficiencies into your interviewing and hiring processes. Our recruiting app, SAP Interview Assistant, eases the cumbersome task of arranging interviews – and helps managers review candidate information, prepare notes, record results, and provide immediate feedback to HR.

  • Display open requisitions, candidates, applications, and resumes / CVs
  • Review candidates and then schedule interviews
  • Display candidates' documents, add bookmarks, and take notes
  • Evaluate candidates before, during, and after the interview
  • Record decisions instantly using flexible questionnaires
  • This application is powered by SAP Mobile Platform
Screenshot of SAP's recruiting app, SAP Interview Assistant
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Manager using our recruiting app on his tablet

Quick Preview: SAP Interview Assistant App

Watch this short video to see how easy it is for hiring managers to complete all of their essential tasks – no matter where they are. Using their tablets and our recruiting app, hiring managers can access candidates' applications and resumes, capture interview information, collaborate, and more.

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