SAP whitepaper: how SAP helps organizations to run their business operations more intelligently

Discover how the convergence of process technology and operational intelligence, called intelligent business operations (IBO), allows organizations to gain real-time insights into their processes to work smarter and improve responsiveness to threats and opportunities.

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A man and woman pointing at a chart, discussing business process management and integration

Design integration with stateful processes

Find helpful user blogs, discussions, presentations and more on how to enable IT and Business professionals to model, implement, integrate, and monitor custom process applications and securely exchange information.

Group of experts discussing business rules management around a tablet

Business Rules Management at SAP TechEd

Watch this presentation from SAP TechEd 2013 for an overview of SAP Business Rules Management and SAP Decision Service Management. Also get recommendations when to use what.

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Wiki: Business Process Management use cases

Explore over 40 business process management (BPM) use cases across more than 10 industries – in our BPM Community Network. Get inspired through insights from experienced BPM practitioners, and get involved by sharing your own use case or experience.