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Turn any time into training time – with this free mobile app

Give your workforce easy, on-the-go access to the training they need to maintain a sharp competitive edge – with the SAP Learn Now Mobile App from SAP Education. Learners can choose from a growing list of class titles, download course materials, and take training directly from their iPad or Android tablet.

  • Get instant access to SAP Education course content – specifically designed for iPad or Android tablets
  • Rapidly download content and course materials, and continue to work while offline
  • Receive complete class texts, helpful instructor videos, and interactive learning assignments
  • Highlight relevant sections, take notes, and post questions for subject matter experts
  • Leverage a combination of formal SAP course content and informal community-based learning
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Take Your SAP Training
To Go

If your company is like most, you don't have a lot of time to spend on SAP training. But these days, staying well trained is more important than ever. Find out how your business users can train anywhere with an iPad or Android tablet.

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Browse SAP Learn Now Courses

SAP Learn Now courses take full advantage of the Apple and Android tablet platforms to deliver training in a new way. Rich media content such as animated, video, and audio lessons give users a solid understanding of how to best work with SAP solutions.

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Welcome to the SAP
Learn Now Community

Join the SAP Learn Now Community to exchange questions, comments, and ideas with fellow learners and experienced professionals – on a wide range of SAP learning topics. Check out the latest posts and add to the conversation by sharing your knowledge.

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