SAP Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management Overview

Support sustainability initiatives by reducing risks and costs – with our EHS management software

Our environment, health, and safety (EHS) management software can help holistically manage operational, product, and reporting risks across your facilities and extended business network. Systematically embed EHS requirements and tasks directly into business processes to reinforce compliance and reduce risks.

  • Proactively assess and reduce risks to prevent adverse events, accidents, or business disruption
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with support for legal, safety, and sustainability obligations
  • Protect employee health and safety as a key to operating a sustainable, profitable business
  • Meet complex environmental requirements with clear, transparent, and auditable processes and reporting
  • Cost-effectively comply with product safety and stewardship regulations throughout the entire product lifecycle
Manufacturing plant running safely with EHS management software
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Featured Resources

An employee measuring parts.

Varian Medical: Protecting Revenue with RoHS

Find out how this global medical device manufacturer is supporting its sustainability initiatives and REACH and RoHS compliance with SAP EHS Management. The result? Significant savings, revenue protection, and faster engineering change.

Scientist tests new compound

Dow Corning: Reducing Compliance Costs and Risks

This leading global chemical and materials company successfully achieved business value from cost reduction, risk mitigation, brand protection, and creating new opportunities for growth. Hear from Dow Corning how SAP EHS Management helped make this happen.

Steel beams

ArcelorMittal: Cutting Incidents, Risk, and Cost

The global steel producer ArcelorMittal Brasil is accelerating its accident investigation and reporting processes and making health and safety action plans more effective with SAP EHS Management.

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