Develop a responsive supply network – with our supply chain management (SCM) solutions

No matter the size of your business, our supply chain management (SCM) solutions can help you build resiliency and flexibility into your supply network – for responsive planning, improved collaboration, and seamless execution.

  • Respond quickly to changes in supply and demand
  • Determine accurate customer delivery dates
  • Optimize inventory, labor, resources, and space
  • Leverage analytics to monitor and measure performance
  • Develop risk avoidance and mitigation strategies
  • Ensure compliance with international trade regulations
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    • Collaborative demand and supply planning: creating a responsive supply network. This demonstration shows how SAP solutions allow you to manage demand, integrate field sales, achieve point-of-sale integration, manage unexpected promotions, and optimize supply network planning. Enabling you to integrate demand streams, gain better visibility of demand data, synchronize demand and supply plans and respond to demand in the most profitable way. Manage demand. Linda Steen is a demand planner for Tasty Corporation, a specialty foods maker. She uses SAP Supply Chain Management to review actual demand data for the Chocolate Bars product group. She can see various demand streams, such as forecasts, promotions, and historical data, on a single screen. Her demand planning book also lets her view the financial plan. Linda also notices an alert that this week's demand differs from last week's forecast. Integrate field sales. Bob Muller is a sales rep. Bob is meeting with one of Tasty Corporation's retailers, Mayers & Company, to plan future sales. Before leaving his office, he downloaded the current sales forecast onto his laptop. While he's with the customer, he leverages Duet software to enter the agreed-on changes. As soon as he reconnects to the system, Bob can automatically sync up his changes with the back-end planning system. Achieve point-of-sale integration. Linda Steen, the demand planner, can see the changes from Bob in her demand planning book. She can also see a new alert that the demand plan for Mayers & Company differs from last week's forecast. Now Linda would like to check on demand coming from a pilot project to integrate point-of-sale data into the demand management process. She can see that her demand planning book has been populated with point-of-sale data from Star Shop, another retailer. With this additional source of data, Linda can gain a more accurate picture of real demand. Manage unexpected promotions. Linda receives an automated e-mail alert about a change in the demand forecast. The Marketing department created a new promotion without informing other departments. When the promotion was entered in the CRM system, it automatically affected the demand forecast in SAP Supply Chain Management. Linda wants to get the details. She sees alerts that have already been acknowledged, along with the new alert. When she drills down, she can view the amounts from the unexpected promotion, along with alerts that this week's demand differs from last week's forecast. Linda will ask the supply chain planner to investigate further. Optimize supply network planning. Martin Schumann is a supply chain planner. He sees that the demand change from the unexpected promotion will cause an out-of-stock situation. He wants to get more details. He can see that the forecast actually consists of three forecasts. For example, he can see the updates entered for Mayers & Company by Bob Muller, the sales rep. Martin will use the supply network planning optimizer to resolve the out-of-stock problem. He loads all products and locations. He can see the associated costs. After running the supply network planning optimizer, Martin can see that the out-of-stock problem has been resolved. Finally, he checks the capacity plan and sees that there are no problems with factory capacity. SAP solutions allow you to integrate demand streams, gain better visibility of demand data, synchronize demand and supply plans, and respond to demand in the most profitable way.
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