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  • "JOSKIN : un changement radical avec SAP Business Suite on HANA" >

    Joskin, groupe familial en forte croissance spécialisé dans la production et distribution de remorques agricoles et outils associés, a choisi SAP et SOA People pour prendre une longueur d’avance sur son marché en termes de performance et services.

  • "EE Reducing Costs and Complexity with SAP Intelligent Hubbing 365 " >

    Learn how SAP Intelligent Hubbing 365 mobile service helps the UK's largest communications company offer its customers a better messaging experience – and grow its SMS revenue through the ability to connect to over 6.1 billion potential subscribers.

  • "Ateeco Inc.: Processes that Support the Business" >

    Ateeco Inc. makes and distributes the well-known Mrs. T's Pierogies throughout the United States. Learn how this growing company quickly deployed SAP Business All-in-One and is using the solution to close the books faster, capture real-time, accurate information, and build a foundation for the future.

  • "An Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP) for Mining Companies: Driving Operational Excellence and Sustainable Growth" >

    A comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help make your mining company more profitable. See how the software can support your company to eliminate information silos, unify business processes and data, and improve corporate sustainability in areas such as safety and environmental compliance.

  • "Saladino's Inc.: Scaling to Support Business Growth" >

    Saladino's Inc. is a growing foodservice distribution company, based in California. Learn how this innovator is using SAP Business All-in-One to reduce costs, gain greater efficiencies, leverage best practices, and adapt to change and growth.

  • "Pour une meilleure gestion médico-administrative des établissements de santé" >

    SAP Patient Management est conçue pour aider les établissements de santé publics et privés à améliorer leurs processus de gestion et renforcer leurs moyens dans le pilotage médico-économique de leur activité.

  • "Social Media Analytics for an Accurate and Real-Time Understanding of Brand Performance" >

    Learn how companies can listen and understand what people are saying about them and their products with SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. The software extracts customer perceptions from terabytes of social media commentary in real time – enabling brand protection and strengthening market position.

  • "Pitney Bowes Inc.: Gaining a Single View into Procurement Transactions" >

    Pitney Bowes Inc. is one of the largest providers of mail processing equipment and integrated mail solutions. See how this innovator used SAP Supplier Relationship Management to automate procurement processes, lower procurement costs, and gain greater visibility into spend.

  • "Your Bridge to Fast, Efficient Procurement Operations" >

    Does it seem like there’s a gulf between where you are with procurement and where you need to be? Check out how your organization can use an SAP rapid-deployment solution that integrates your on-premise SAP Business Suite software with the cloud-based Ariba Collaborative Commerce Network.

  • "Gestion SAP du cycle de vie de l'information " >

    Découvrez les outils et technologies SAP de gestion du cycle de vie de l'information. Adoptez une approche globale de gestion des informations structurées et non structurées pour satisfaire les besoins de votre entreprise, dans le respect des obligations légales relatives à l'accès et à la rétention des données.

  • "Le système d'information au service de la santé" >

    Par son expérience internationale, SAP observe que les établissements de santé français, qu’ils soient publics ou privés, partagent des enjeux identiques à ceux des autres pays européens les plus avancés .

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  • "Company Group Casinos Austria AG and Österreichische Lotterien GmbH" >

    Casinos Austria AG and Österreichische Lotterien GmbH are leaders in the Austrian gaming industry. To improve procurement processes, the current process performance of its two main divisions was evaluated against industry benchmarks as part of the SAP Value Management program.

  • "Business Management Made Simpler" >

    Discover how SAP Business One offers an affordable way to manage your entire business - from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Designed specifically for small businesses, it helps you streamline processes, act on timely information, drive profitable growth, and outpace the competition.

  • "Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale" >

    Find out how the insurance and social security provider in French Polynesia has unified all financial statements, achieved multisource analysis capabilities, and enabled real-time exploration and data availability thanks to SAP BusinessObjects BI suite. Manual tasks have been eliminated and productivity increased.

  • "Fonterra" >

    View how Fonterra chose SAP Global Trade Services to increase their productivity and to reduce risk. Fonterra wanted to find more efficient ways of delivering documentation to customers in a timelier, accurate and sustainable manner and to manage their complex transactions exporting over to 120 different countries.

  • "Solution in Detail: Banking: Procurement Excellence: Strategic Sourcing and Contracting" >

    Learn how SAP software can help banks improve procurement processes with strategic sourcing and contracting.

  • "Statoil: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Statoil HR Lead Solution Architect showcases benefits from Statoil’s use of SAP HCM Recruiting and SAP Org Visualization by Nakisa, to meet talent management goals and support the merger of companies. Includes plans for more Nakisa functionality. Statoil is a large public global energy company headquartered in Norway.

  • "UGAP" >

    L'UGAP est un établissement public à vocation commerciale qui a un rôle de centrale d'achat le conduisant à être l'intermédiaire au profit de ses 35 000 clients publics (État, établissements publics, collectivités territoriales, hôpitaux, universités…) et leurs fournisseurs.

  • "Business Suite 7.0, l'innovation SAP en continu - Espresso Briefing" >

    Lancez l’analyse gratuite "Business Function Prediction" pour découvrir de nouvelles fonctionnalités pertinentes pour votre activité.

  • "A Real-Time Platform to Spur Innovation in the Mill Products Industry" >

    As data volumes in the mill products industry increase exponentially, many companies are turning to in-memory computing to manage and analyze this Big Data. Read how SAP HANA can turn Big Data into big opportunities to improve performance and drive innovation across your business, from sales to supply chain.


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