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  • "JOSKIN : un changement radical avec SAP Business Suite on HANA" >

    Joskin, groupe familial en forte croissance spécialisé dans la production et distribution de remorques agricoles et outils associés, a choisi SAP et SOA People pour prendre une longueur d’avance sur son marché en termes de performance et services.

  • "Life Is Good: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how SAP developed a platform for LIG to sustain growth of an optimistic company. LIG chose a system that had rules, business intelligence and processes embedded in the solution for no customization. SAP has helped LIG to increase customer satisfaction, better ordering, delivering and prediction analytics.

  • "NBA Customer Showcase 2013: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Hear how the NBA selected the SAP HANA platform to develop an unprecedented statistical experience for its fans on NBA.com/stats. The real-time data platform enables the league to bring virtually unlimited amounts of official NBA statistical information directly to fans’ fingertips on the league’s official website.

  • "Ateeco Inc.: Processes that Support the Business" >

    Ateeco Inc. makes and distributes the well-known Mrs. T's Pierogies throughout the United States. Learn how this growing company quickly deployed SAP Business All-in-One and is using the solution to close the books faster, capture real-time, accurate information, and build a foundation for the future.

  • "SAP 360 Customer - Services " >

    Découvrez en quelques minutes comment la solution SAP 360 Customer vous permet d'améliorer votre relation client et d'optimiser votre service client.

  • "William Wrigley Jr. Co.: Simplified Sales and Marketing Analytics" >

    William Wrigley Jr. Co. is a family-owned business that produces Wrigley's Chewing Gum and has been expandin. Learn how this global business is using SAP solutions to implement a trade promotions management plan, create simple-to-use analytics for sales and marketing teams, and drive ROI through better planning.

  • "Saladino's Inc.: Scaling to Support Business Growth" >

    Saladino's Inc. is a growing foodservice distribution company, based in California. Learn how this innovator is using SAP Business All-in-One to reduce costs, gain greater efficiencies, leverage best practices, and adapt to change and growth.

  • "Customer Experience Edge - Excerpts from the book" >

    Customer Experience Edge - read the first three chapters from this book on the technology and techniques for a high-quality and profitable customer experience.

  • "Hilti: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Hilti chose SAP CRM to deliver a platform increasing success across their markets. SAP was chosen for its integrated solution & was able to role the global org. onto 1 platform. The solution has provided visibility & transparency providing 360 degree view of the customer to anticipate their customers’ needs.

  • "SAP Social et CRM collaboratif" >

    Ecoutez votre e-réputation, analysez ce que l’on pense de votre marque, de vos produits, de vos services. Comparez votre positionnement et votre image de marque par rapport à vos concurrents, animez vos communautés sur les réseaux sociaux, gérez de façon structurée l’ensemble des sollicitations et gagnez ainsi à mieux connaître vos clients.

  • "TSIA's Mobile Enablement: Field Service Automation" >

    Read this TSIA research paper by TSIA on mobile enablement for field service. This version of the report is modified for SAP to include some overview of SAP solutions. This report can be distributed to customers and prospects.

  • "Banking: Market Data Analysis" >

    Learn how SAP software can help banks retain clarity and insight in volatile markets..

  • "Criteo se donne les moyens de sa forte croissance " >

    Pour accompagner sa croissance de plus de 200 000 % sur les cinq dernières années, Criteo, une société de technologie, spécialiste de la prédiction du comportement des internautes, a choisi SAP et SOA People.

  • "Increased ROI and Stronger Customer Focus for Insurers with Predictive Analytics" >

    Learn how SAP Customer Relationship Management lets insurers take advantage of both analytical and operational customer relationship management, to help ensure long-term customer success while saving marketing resources and budgets.

  • "Pour une meilleure gestion médico-administrative des établissements de santé" >

    SAP Patient Management est conçue pour aider les établissements de santé publics et privés à améliorer leurs processus de gestion et renforcer leurs moyens dans le pilotage médico-économique de leur activité.

  • "Solution Overview: Media: Media Content Monetization" >

    Explore how leading media companies grow revenue during media transformation with SAP software.

  • "SAP Customer Loyalty Mobile App" >

    With the SAP Customer Loyalty app, retail and consumer products companies can engage consumers like never before. Boost customer loyalty, drive transaction volume, and benefit from higher promotional conversion rates via this comprehensive app that can be customized to match a company's unique brand identity.

  • "Social Media Analytics for an Accurate and Real-Time Understanding of Brand Performance" >

    Learn how companies can listen and understand what people are saying about them and their products with SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. The software extracts customer perceptions from terabytes of social media commentary in real time – enabling brand protection and strengthening market position.

  • "Delight Customers – and Boost Their Loyalty – with Best-Run Customer Service" >

    What if your service organization could deliver best-run customer service across all channels? Read about how to leverage integrated SAP customer relationship management, analytics, and other software to win over today's demanding customers, with SAP 360 Customer powered by SAP HANA.

  • "SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA : Video d'introduction " >

    Découvrez comment SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA peut vous aider à gérer votre activité en temps réel et booste l'innovation.


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