Do you have the agility it takes to meet changing customer needs?

Figuring out how to better serve customers should be the top priority for all companies. And to do that, businesses need to be able to analyze information quickly – and have processes in place to respond just as fast. Watch this video to learn more.


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Executives discuss strategies to address business challenge and opportunities

Mega-Trends And Long-Term Growth

Get the scoop on key mega-trends and how they're impacting industries post-recession. In this new report, Frost & Sullivan explores how companies are addressing these new game-changing realities – and planning for growth – with SAP solutions.

Warehouse manager confirms inventory levels by reviewing report generated by manufacturing software

Optimize Inventory with SAP and SmartOps

How can you efficiently and effectively manage your inventory across all stages of your supply network? With SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization by SmartOps. Develop and deploy a comprehensive solution that can help you set inventory targets, determine reorder points for supply planning, and more.

Professionals share personal experiences with manufacturing software

Learn from Manufacturing Experts

SAP Community Network (SCN) is our professional social network – connecting a dynamic group of SAP customers, partners, employees, and experts. The community delivers an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge, insight, and rich content about SAP solutions and services in a collaborative environment.