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  • "SAP IPX 365 Mobile Service ‒ One Connection for Multiple Services " >

    Read how IPX is an interconnection model for the exchange of IP‒based traffic between mobile and fixed-service providers, Internet and application service providers, and “over-the-top” players. Learn how SAP IPX 365 can help you to increase operational efficiency and reduce interconnectivity costs.

  • "Transform Your Business With a Modern Approach to Data Management " >

    Discover the benefits of SAP Real-Time Data Platform, a unified data management framework that lets you process, analyze, and deliver complete, accurate information in real time to any application or user – with low TCO.

  • "An Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP) for Mining Companies: Driving Operational Excellence and Sustainable Growth" >

    A comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help make your mining company more profitable. See how the software can support your company to eliminate information silos, unify business processes and data, and improve corporate sustainability in areas such as safety and environmental compliance.

  • "OSEO multiplie les utilisations de PowerAMC " >

    De la modélisation des données au lien avec le MDM ou la cartographie applicative, OSEO multiplie les utilisations de PowerAMC.

  • "The Business of IT" >

    Learn how SAP software can help companies make IT strategic for business.

  • "IT: IT Portfolio and Project Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help IT organizations align their projects with business goals, contribute to the success of the business, and leverage new technologies and the benefits of globalization.

  • "CPAGE" >

    Discover how a French high-tech company developed an integrated suite of business intelligence (BI) software to meet the needs of public health facilities using SAP BusinessObjects software. The suite provides intuitive data access via a centralized portal, along with management dashboards and data exploration.

  • "Integrate and Control Processes for Complex Manufacturing" >

    Take a closer look and find out how SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing supports companies that manufacture large, integrated assemblies with functionality that optimizes the production of highly engineered, low-volume products while helping to improve decision making, reduce costs, and enhance compliance.

  • "Choosing SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere for Partner Applications " >

    Find out how companies are managing to minimize the support requirements for smaller customers, while offering the performance demanded by larger ones, with SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere. This enterprise-caliber database is designed to deliver high performance, yet engineered for deployment when IT resources are lacking.

  • "Burjeel Hospital" >

    Burjeel Hospital is maximizing operational efficiency with the SAP ERP application, SAP for Healthcare solutions, and SAP BusinessObjects solutions to help improve the patient experience. Reliable and centralized patient records help quickly establish treatment strategies.

  • "Efficient Application Lifecycle Management: Understanding the Value of Integrated Application Lifecycle Management with SAP Solution Manager" >

    Find out how an integrated application lifecycle management approach from SAP allows you to implement and change high-quality solutions faster and operate them at lower cost.

  • "BPCL: Delivering New Functionality Faster and Reliably with SAP Software and SAP Enterprise Support" >

    The IT organization at India’s Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) provides technical support for business users throughout the oil and gas giant’s vast enterprise. To meet emerging needs, more than 8,000 SAP software users count on quick delivery of reliable new software with leading-edge functionality.

  • "Criteo se donne les moyens de sa forte croissance " >

    Pour accompagner sa croissance de plus de 200 000 % sur les cinq dernières années, Criteo, une société de technologie, spécialiste de la prédiction du comportement des internautes, a choisi SAP et SOA People.

  • "SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere for Partner Applications " >

    Find out how application vendors worldwide are using SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere as their suite of choice for server, desktop, remote office, and mobile applications. These solutions deliver powerful database and synchronization technologies easily embedded in applications that need access to data centers and more.

  • "Nissha Printing Company" >

    After implementing the SAP ERP application at domestic and global sites, Nissha Printing Company introduced the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application powered by the SAP HANA platform. The company can now analyze data and turn decisions into actions faster than ever.

  • "Data Synchronization, Loading, and Disaster Recovery for Business Operations " >

    Discover how SAP Sybase Replication Server provides real-time data replication to meet the data movement demands of your enterprise. It distributes and synchronizes data across geographies to multiple systems, provides real-time availability of application data for reporting servers, and enables business continuity.

  • "OTAir" >

    Learn how OTAir, anSMS text-messaging service provider, uses the enterprise service of SAP SMS 365 as the backbone of its business, enabling it to provide top-quality, stable, and reliable messaging services to its many very-demanding customers.

  • "Criteo se donne les moyens de sa forte croissance" >

    Pour accompagner sa croissance de plus de 200 000 % sur les cinq dernières années, Criteo, une société de technologie, spécialiste de la prédiction du comportement des internautes, a choisi SAP et SOA People (PDF).

  • "A Cloud-Based Foundation for Enterprise Mobility" >

    o make the most of enterprise mobility, companies need an effective strategy that goes beyond application development. Learn here how the cloud version of SAP Mobile Platform can provide a foundation to support and accelerate the rollout of highly scalable mobile applications.

  • "Inelectra: Integrating Data for Better Decision Making Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Inelectra is a provider of engineering and construction services, with operations in Venezuela and around the world. Explore how the company is using SAP NetWeaver to integrate data, enable collaboration, and support better decision making across the enterprise.


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