SAP Business Suite

Utilities – Innovations 2011 features

Linear Asset Management

  • Group or differentiate networks by type
  • Dig deeper into list reports with various search options
  • See graphic visualization of the network and associated objects
  • Join network attributes together to form one consolidated attribute
  • View current configuration of network attributes in a graphical display (dynamic segmentation)
  • Speed identification of linear asset problem areas with query for costs per length and number of defects per length

Demand Side Management

  • Enable distributors and retailers to plan and design program features including measures, goals, incentives, etc.
  • Define business rules that control programs, customer groups, and timeframes of applications or enrollments

Integrated Sales Management

  • Address processes required for energy retailers and utilities to define and sell energy products and services
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Smart Meter Data Management and Operations

  • Automate and streamline end-to-end core metering processes
  • Better address purchasing, installation, and operational processes of the metering business
  • Increase transparency and deliver more timely information

Bright lighting representing SAP business suite applications for utilities
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