SAP Business Suite

Public Sector – Innovations 2011 features

Public Sector Financials

  • Streamline financial transactions with IBAN and SEPA handling of a customer's public sector specific bank details
  • Attach files and notes to an FM Master Data entity using generic object services
  • Facilitate compliance with and document tracking of changes or reversals of budgets

Procurement for Public Sector

  • Streamline implementation with the elimination of third-party control for editing with Microsoft Word
  • Generate sophisticated document outputs in Microsoft Word 2007 DOCX format
  • Simplify user experience with simultaneous view of multiple items with streamlined Element Full Text and Fill-ins tab
  • Enhance user experience with ability to control when variable questions are displayed

Academic Curriculum Management

  • Provide a single source for student internships and co-op opportunities
  • Store and track detailed information about external placements linked to internal academic work
  • Designate external institutions as business partners and link them to internship offers

Public Sector Core HR and Payroll

  • Facilitate currency financing across several budgeting periods
  • Integrate encumbrances in funds management, controlling, and grants management in real time
  • Coordinate and monitor mixed funding when a person is already covered in another category (full-time equivalent or budget)

Social Services Management for Public Sector

  • Focus on monetary benefits as defined by social service programs, including maternity leave, illness benefits, and cash assistance
  • Leverage key social service case management functionalities to manage and document all processes of a benefit delivery case
Woman sitting in front of building representing SAP business suite applications for the public sector
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