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  • "2011 Customer Testimonial Video World Tour New Delhi with Havmor IceCream: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    See how Havmor IceCream Limited centralized data to avoid duplication of work and to speed up reporting on financial data with SAP Business All-in-One. SAP brought best practices into their business. So now it is not just about execution, but also strategy.

  • "Alok Industries" >

    Understand why one of the largest vertically integrated textile companies in India needed a well-integrated and scalable enterprise application that could keep pace with complex business requirements. Using SAP ERP, Alok Industries integrated and standardized business processes and increased operational efficiency.

  • "Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale" >

    Find out how the insurance and social security provider in French Polynesia has unified all financial statements, achieved multisource analysis capabilities, and enabled real-time exploration and data availability thanks to SAP BusinessObjects BI suite. Manual tasks have been eliminated and productivity increased.

  • "ENN Group" >

    ENN, provider of energy distribution, intelligent energy, solar energy, and energy chemicals, saw an opportunity to clarify IT risk control management and mitigate potential risk. Consider why ENN chose the SAP Access Control application to build a safer, standardized, and universally applicable business risk management mechanism.

  • "Solution in Detail: Enterprise Asset Management: Real Estate Lifecycle Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help enterprise companies to better run their real estate lifecycle management.

  • "Driving Financial Excellence" >

    Explore how the SAP ERP Financials solution works with other SAP software to deliver integrated support for financial management, from transaction processing to full entity and corporate accounting closes. A shared-services framework helps you ensure compliance, meet financial objectives, and deliver superior service.

  • "Numerical Algorithms Group: Customer Reference Video" >

    Numerical Algorithms Group is a leader in providing mathematical and statistical software to companies worldwide. Examine how the company is using SAP Business ByDesign to integrate operations, enable transparency, and gain a holistic view of the company.

  • "IntelePeer: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    Learn how IntelePeer is using the SAP Business ByDesign solution to improve its financials, customer relationship management, personnel administration, and project management.

  • "Innovate Commercial Project Management for Services Industries" >

    Gain greater visibility into and control over projects from the initial bid - and manage updates and changes - throughout the project lifecycle. Discover how you can benefit from deep integration of cost and pricing models from within cost and revenue calculation routines, thanks to an innovative commercial project management application.

  • "Solution Overview: Retail: Achieve Financial Excellence" >

    Learn how SAP software can help retailers thrive in uncertainty.

  • "SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA: Overview Video" >

    See how SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA enables smarter business innovations, faster business processes, and simpler business interactions.

  • "Improve Internal Controls with Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions" >

    Achieve an efficient, sustainable competitive advantage with better internal controls. Learn from one company about its experience with SAP solutions for GRC, including the SAP Access Control, SAP Process Control, and SAP Risk Management applications, to improve its internal controls environment.

  • "Drive Performance and Growth with Scalable Solutions for Midsize Companies" >

    Learn how the SAP Business All-in-One solution can help your firm adjust to changing market conditions and lay a strong foundation for growth. Designed for midsize or quickly growing small companies, the business management solution helps integrate and optimize processes across your company at an affordable price.

  • "Solution in Detail: Insurance: Unified Investment and Asset Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help insurance companies comply with multiple accounting bases and manage internal and external compliance requirements from national and international legislative bodies, regulatory agencies, and auditors.

  • "Take Procurement to the Next Level: Real-World Experiences" >

    See how leading organizations transform their procurement processes with the help of on-premise and cloud-based solutions for procurement, and learn about the benefits buyers and suppliers can achieve when collaborating through business networks.

  • "Ready - set - go: SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA with Si-Mohamed Said" >

    Core applications of SAP Business Suite are now generally available on SAP HANA - so customers can run their business better - with smarter business models, faster business processes and simpler business interactions. First live customers are beginning to collect the rewards for their fast and smart move to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.

  • "SAP NetWeaver Portal, Mobile Edition: Overview Video" >

    You can quickly extend your portal environment to anyone on a mobile device with SAP NetWeaver Portal, mobile edition. This drives down the costs of building and deploying mobile-ready portal applications. Watch this short video to learn how easy it is to use our mobile portal on a variety of devices.

  • "Industry Solution Overview: Insurance: Finance, Investments, and Compliance" >

    Explore how leading insurance companies are exceeding expectations with SAP software.

  • "Effective GRC Management: Strategies for Mitigating Risks and Sustaining Growth in the Tough Economy" >

    Learn more about how Aberdeen’s 2012 GRC survey shows that executives are viewing effective compliance and risk management as opportunities for corporate growth. Read this study to learn how to drive forward your company’s GRC initiatives toward a positive ROI. (Aberdeen, 2012).

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  • "SAP Travel OnDemand Solution – An Easier Way to Travel " >

    Find out how the SAP Travel OnDemand solution can give you the visibility you need to analyze expenses across multiple dimensions, improving both decision making and cost control. Learn how your business travelers can use their mobile devices to capture and report expenses for faster processing.


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