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  • "Business Management Made Simpler" >

    Discover how SAP Business One offers an affordable way to manage your entire business - from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Designed specifically for small businesses, it helps you streamline processes, act on timely information, drive profitable growth, and outpace the competition.

  • "Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale" >

    Find out how the insurance and social security provider in French Polynesia has unified all financial statements, achieved multisource analysis capabilities, and enabled real-time exploration and data availability thanks to SAP BusinessObjects BI suite. Manual tasks have been eliminated and productivity increased.

  • "Insurance: Finance, Investments, and Compliance" >

    Explore how leading insurance companies are exceeding expectations with SAP software.

  • "San Cristóbal" >

    Learn how San Cristóbal is helping to establish itself as a leader in the Argentine insurance sector by using SAP ERP to optimize administrative and operational processes and adopt best practices.

  • "Fonterra" >

    View how Fonterra chose SAP Global Trade Services to increase their productivity and to reduce risk. Fonterra wanted to find more efficient ways of delivering documentation to customers in a timelier, accurate and sustainable manner and to manage their complex transactions exporting over to 120 different countries.

  • "Banking: Centralized Payment Processing" >

    Learn how SAP software can help banks operate successfully by driving payment innovation and offering value-added services and real-time, high-volume processing.

  • "Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC)" >

    Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) has been using SAP software since 2008, but had to resort to presenting treasury-related data using spread sheets. Now, after deploying the SAP Treasury and Risk Management rapid-deployment solution in just 11 weeks, GSPC improved reporting and efficiency.

  • "La convergence des processus de consolidation et de gestion" >

    Via une compréhension des différents mode d’organisation possibles, découvrez les apports de la convergence des processus de consolidation et de contrôle de gestion.

  • "Statoil: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Statoil HR Lead Solution Architect showcases benefits from Statoil’s use of SAP HCM Recruiting and SAP Org Visualization by Nakisa, to meet talent management goals and support the merger of companies. Includes plans for more Nakisa functionality. Statoil is a large public global energy company headquartered in Norway.

  • "Run SAP Risk Management in Utilities to Get Business Value Fast" >

    Discover how the SAP Risk Management application supports the risk management needs of the utilities industry. Learn how utilities can use the application to overcome challenges by actively engaging management and staff in the identification, analysis response, and monitoring of relevant risks.

  • "Business Suite 7.0, l'innovation SAP en continu - Espresso Briefing" >

    Lancez l’analyse gratuite "Business Function Prediction" pour découvrir de nouvelles fonctionnalités pertinentes pour votre activité.

  • "Finance: Treasury and Financial Risk Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help treasury departments manage treasury and financial risks.

  • "2011 Customer Testimonial video - Chartis" >

    Hear how Chartis Insurance initiated a finance transformation programme to produce timely and accurate information and ensure adherence to compliance.

  • "Streamline Bank Loan Management – Quickly and Affordably" >

    Find out how banks are improving the loan process and better managing the full loan cycle with SAP Loans Management. The rapid-deployment solution encompasses innovative software and expert services for clear, predetermined costs and project timelines.

  • "A Real-Time Platform to Spur Innovation in the Mill Products Industry" >

    As data volumes in the mill products industry increase exponentially, many companies are turning to in-memory computing to manage and analyze this Big Data. Read how SAP HANA can turn Big Data into big opportunities to improve performance and drive innovation across your business, from sales to supply chain.

  • "Banking: Liquidity Risk Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help companies - Manage liquidity risk for capital markets.

  • "Solution in Detail: Consumer Products: Manage Financial Performance" >

    Learn how SAP software can help consumer products companies manage financial performance.

  • "SAP Patient Management - Aperçu de la solution" >

    SAP Patient Management - La solution SAP pour la gestion médico-administrative des établissements de santé.

  • "Achieve Financial Excellence in Banking" >

    Explore how leading banking companies are being responsive to change with SAP software.

  • "Banking: Brokerage Services" >

    Explore how brokerage companies are relying on SAP software for global expansion.


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