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  • "Sidus: Realizing a Complex Divestiture Scenario with Expertise from the System Landscape Optimization Group" >

    How does a company with multiple business units ensure operational continuity while divesting a subsidiary as quickly and reliably as possible? Argentinian pharma enterprise Grupo de Empresas Farmacéuticas Sidus decided to engage the expertise of the System Landscape Optimization group of SAP Consulting.

  • "Integrate and Control Processes for Complex Manufacturing" >

    Take a closer look and find out how SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing supports companies that manufacture large, integrated assemblies with functionality that optimizes the production of highly engineered, low-volume products while helping to improve decision making, reduce costs, and enhance compliance.

  • "GRAMMER" >

    How does a globally active manufacturer of automotive seat components improve its processes for warranty management and quality assurance? This company decided to deploy SAP solutions and engage the software vendor's expertise to integrate improved warranty management into its existing IT landscape.

  • "Hilti: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Hilti chose SAP CRM to deliver a platform increasing success across their markets. SAP was chosen for its integrated solution & was able to role the global org. onto 1 platform. The solution has provided visibility & transparency providing 360 degree view of the customer to anticipate their customers’ needs.

  • "Increased ROI and Stronger Customer Focus for Insurers with Predictive Analytics" >

    Learn how SAP Customer Relationship Management lets insurers take advantage of both analytical and operational customer relationship management, to help ensure long-term customer success while saving marketing resources and budgets.

  • "Continental Automotive: Steady Operation During Upgrade with Downtime Minimization Services from SAP " >

    Find out how this major German manufacturer of automotive supplies performed three major changes on its global enterprise resource planning instances without impacting plants running at peak capacity. Downtime minimization services from SAP limited the outage to 14 hours per instance.

  • "Tajfun Planina" >

    Read how SAP Business All-in-One for Mill Products solution gave this company more structured and efficient business processes as well as more accurate and faster information about the productivity of its business.

  • "Gestion SAP du cycle de vie de l'information " >

    Découvrez les outils et technologies SAP de gestion du cycle de vie de l'information. Adoptez une approche globale de gestion des informations structurées et non structurées pour satisfaire les besoins de votre entreprise, dans le respect des obligations légales relatives à l'accès et à la rétention des données.

  • "Deere & Company" >

    How does a long-standing SAP customer transform its system landscape to better support the company's plans to expand into new markets? This world-renowned manufacturer of farm machinery and technology engaged the services and expertise of the System Landscape Optimization group of experts from SAP.

  • "Emirates NBD" >

    Find out how SAP Sybase IQ helped Emirates NBD Bank make better use of advanced business intelligence functionalities and enable analysts to spend less time waiting for the results of complex queries. As a result, the bank can focus more on meeting customers' needs than on data management technology.

  • "L'Oréal" >

    How does a world-renowned brand -- in business for almost a century -- ensure continuing success in an increasingly competitive market? L'Oreal turned to Business Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting for their expertise. As a result, the company optimized and transformed its supply chain management.

  • "Vinakoper" >

    Find out how this consumer products company was able to integrate all of its business processes into one system using SAP Business All-in-One for Consumer Products. It now gets reliable, up-to-date information about the status of the company and its business processes.


    How does an enterprise that decided to divest several affiliated companies carve out the necessary data to pass along to the buyer, while maintaining business continuity? This company used SAP Landscape Transformation software and engaged the experts of the System Landscape Optimization group from SAP to help.

  • "Fonterra" >

    View how Fonterra chose SAP Global Trade Services to increase their productivity and to reduce risk. Fonterra wanted to find more efficient ways of delivering documentation to customers in a timelier, accurate and sustainable manner and to manage their complex transactions exporting over to 120 different countries.

  • "RheinEnergie" >

    Learn how Cologne-based RheinEnergie is usingSAP AMI Integration for Utilities software to install smart metering solutions that empower consumers to conserve energy, make a positive contribution to the environment, and cut costs – setting a precedent for other energy suppliers across Germany.

  • "Puma" >

    Watch how a leading global marketer of sport-performance and lifestyle labels decided to standardize and optimize its business processes. The firm engaged the expertise of the Business Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting and worked with the experts collaboratively to improve its overall system landscape.

  • "HELLA: Enhancing Collaboration in Development" >

    Read how this provider of lighting products, electronics, and other accessories for automotive markets uses SAP Product Lifecycle Management to maintain high customer satisfaction. See how the solution works with the company's SAP ERP application to enable developers to share a single, consistent version of the truth.

  • "IATCO" >

    See how this large logistics service provider – based in Saudi Arabia – decided to improve visibility into its transportation processes. By deploying the SAP Transportation Management and SAP ERP applications, the company got the transparency it needed, integrated its shipping processes, and improved data quality.

  • "Move SAP Solutions to Virtualized and Cloud-Based Infrastructures Today" >

    Read here how your business can leverage the cloud and virtualization to optimize its existing on-premise SAP software. SAP Services provides a family of virtualization and cloud management services to empower your successful transition to a virtualized landscape.

  • "Rete Ferroviara Italiana" >

    See how a key organization that manages rail infrastructure and ensures financially viable operations for the entire Italian rail network deployed SAP solutions to help it analyze costs by line. By deploying SAP Profitability and Cost Management and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, the company could meet its goals.


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