A roadmap for your SAP HANA journey

Where do you start with SAP HANA? How do you identify the use cases that are right for your organization? What are the key things to consider as you move along your SAP HANA journey? This video will help answer those questions – and others. Tom Kurtz, VP of Global Strategic Initiatives with SAP HANA Services, explains how to develop a roadmap to effectively deploy SAP HANA – including the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud option.

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Your SAP HANA Journey: When and How to Start

With its blazing speed, real-time reporting, and powerful analytics, the next-generation SAP HANA platform can help you seize unprecedented opportunities – and give you a significant advantage. But when is SAP HANA right for your organization, and what’s the best way to get started? Find out.

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A Safer, Simpler Way to Implement SAP HANA

With SAP’s Innovation Control Center (ICC) on your side, adopting SAP HANA has never been easier. Hear from SAP support experts on how our unique control center concept, migration methodology, and transition services work together to deliver a simple, secure, and low-risk SAP HANA implementation.

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Expand Your Potential With SAP HANA

Dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, and predictive capabilities with SAP HANA and SAP Services. Learn how our expert consulting team can help you get up and running in just a few weeks – smoothly and cost-effectively.