SAP ActiveEmbedded

Get expert support – right by your side – with SAP ActiveEmbedded

Get an enhanced lifetime support partnership that will help your organization implement new technologies and operate better. This offering provides a combination of an embedded support team at your site and engineering services supported by expertise that can tackle your unique challenges: 100% committed to 100% customer success.

  • Remove barriers to innovation and accelerate adoption of new SAP technologies and solutions in a non-disruptive way
  • Enhance knowledge transfer and skills needed to effectively operate game changing technology
  • Gain high levels of data consistency and operational efficiency
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Speed Adoption of New Solutions

Succeed in today’s non-stop, competitive business world with SAP ActiveEmbedded, our onsite support offering that can help you speed the adoption of game-changing technologies without disruption – including SAP HANA and mobile solutions.

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Take the Risk Out of Innovating

When it comes to adopting innovative new software, a lot hinges on how it works with the unique way your organization does business. SAP Rapid Prototyping services are designed to help take the risk out of making these tough decisions.

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A Product Engineer at Your Service

Get direct access to a senior SAP product engineer who can help you overcome technical challenges for selected SAP components. Your engineer serves as a coach and advisor, and can walk you through the steps needed to resolve issues quickly.

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