Business Support and Services A-Z

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    SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer Mobile App

    Partagez des visualisations de production 3D avec votre équipe grâce à l'application mobile SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer pour iPad.

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    SAP ActiveEmbedded

    Deploy new technologies in less time with SAP ActiveEmbedded – our unique combination of expert onsite support and engineering services.

    SAP Agricultural Contract Management

    Simplify contract management for your agricultural commodities with SAP Agricultural Contract Management software.

    Analytics Services Solutions

    Maximize the performance of your business analytics solutions – with world-class consulting services from SAP.

    SAP Application Interface Framework

    Helping our customers lead in their industry by building mission-critical and complex solutions to address unique and ever-changing business requirements.

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    Business Performance Benchmarking

    Identify new opportunities and close performance gaps – with business performance benchmarking from SAP.

    Business Transformation Services

    Compete at a higher level with comprehensive business transformation consulting services from SAP – from IT strategy to technology and value management.

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    SAP Cloud for Sales

    SAP Sales OnDemand helps you find the best customer-relevant information, work with the right people in your business network, and sell more efficiently.

    Cloud Transformation Solutions

    Manage your transformation to virtualization and cloud.

    Custom Developed Solutions on SAP HANA

    Put the power of SAP HANA to work for you with custom application development that harnesses your real-time transactional data to transform your business.

    Custom HANA Applications

    Put the power of SAP HANA to work for you with custom application development that harnesses your real-time transactional data to transform your business.

    SAP Customer Connection Program

    Get more value from your SAP investments: Suggest solution enhancements and software updates via the Customer Connection Program.

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    Database Services

    Achieve fast and efficient database implementations, migrations, or upgrades – and improve database management and optimization – with our expert services.

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    Enterprise Performance Management Services

    Plan and execute your enterprise performance management (EPM) strategy – quickly and cost-effectively – with consulting services from SAP.

    SAP Enterprise Support

    Accelerate your software implementations, optimize IT operations, and innovate faster – with help from SAP Enterprise Support.

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    Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services

    Effectively manage governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives across your organization with SAP consulting services.

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    SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services

    With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, you get access to a range of services that can help you maximize the value of SAP HANA in-memory technology.

    SAP HANA Services

    Build a solid, long-term implementation strategy for SAP HANA – our market-leading in-memory computing platform – with help from SAP Services.


    Drive new operational efficiencies, identify IT savings opportunities, and support innovation with our expert value assessment services for SAP operations.

    Human Resources

    Adopt the latest HR applications and technologies faster – with SAP’s cloud consulting services.

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    Information Management Services

    Fully integrate an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution into all levels of your business to quickly realize cost savings and strategic advantages.

    Innovation Index

    Discover your business' capability for innovation – and chart a path for growth – with the Innovation Index, developed by SAP and Prof. Anthony Paoni.

    SAP Inventory Manager Mobile App

    L'application mobile SAP Inventory Manager by Syclo facilite la visibilité et la gestion des matériaux, des pièces et des outils dans toute l'entreprise.

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    SAP MaxAttention

    Optimize the performance and maintainability of your SAP solutions with our highest level of support: SAP MaxAttention.

    Mobile Consulting & Development

    Create a rock-solid enterprise mobility strategy – with our mobile consulting and development services.

    SAP Mobility Design Center

    At the SAP Mobility Design Center, our mobile app development experts work with you to create feature-rich mobile solutions for your business.

    SAP Multiresource Scheduling

    Helping our customers lead in their industry by building mission-critical and complex solutions to address unique and ever-changing business requirements.

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    Operations Services

    SAP consulting services can help your IT department efficiently realize transitions that improve your organization's cost performance and productivity.

    Organizational Change Management

    Reap the rewards of your SAP software quickly with IT Change Management services that can help your organization embrace new technology and processes.

    Outcome-Based Services from SAP

    Drive faster, more affordable project delivery with our award-winning implementation services, SAP Advanced Delivery Management.


    Get more out of your cloud investments with our software optimization and user adoption services.

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    SAP Payment Engine

    Streamline payment processing on a central platform – and comply with SEPA regulation – using the SAP Payment Engine.

    Prebuilt for Industries

    Quickly meet your unique industry challenges with field-proven, pre-built applications and support services from SAP – for a sharper competitive edge.

    Prebuilt for Lines of Business

    Increase your operating efficiency and realize greater value from your core SAP software investment – with prebuilt applications for your line of business.

    Predictive Analytics Services

    Accurately forecast demand, assess new business strategies, and deploy optimized solutions – with SAP consulting services for predictive analytics.


    Leverage the full power of the cloud with SAP’s consulting services for procurement.

    SAP Public Budget Formulation

    SAP public sector budgeting software allows budget officials to plan, allocate resources, and analyze government performance with confidence.

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    Quality Assurance Services

    Achieve business goals and benefits while minimizing project risks with SAP Quality Assurance services and support

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    SAP Ramp-Up

    Be among the first to adopt new SAP software with our early adopter program, SAP Ramp Up.

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    Sales, Service & Marketing

    Plug into the power of the sales, service, and marketing cloud – with SAP’s expert consulting services.

    SAP Screen Personas

    Create simple, intuitive, visually appealing SAP ERP screens for more productivity with absolutely no programming – using SAP Screen Personas.

    SAP Services for Banking

    Make profitable business decisions to outperform your competitors – with help from SAP technology consulting services for the banking industry.

    SAP Services for Retail

    Transform massive volumes of data into actionable insights – in real time – for faster, more informed decision making across your retail enterprise.

    SAP Services for Utilities

    Identify and deliver new energy products – faster – with our services for the utilities industry.


    Avec SAP Cloud for Sales, trouvez des informations sur vos clients, collaborez avec les bonnes personnes dans votre réseau professionnel et améliorez votre chiffre d'affaires.

    SAP Standard Support

    SAP Standard Support services enable you to maintain continuous SAP software system operations.

    Strategic Advisory Services

    Get the most from your analytics and Big Data with SAP strategic advisory services.

    Supply Chain Management

    Dispatch smarter supply chain management (SCM) with services and IT consulting from SAP.

    System Landscape Optimization Services

    Harmonize your system landscapes and data sources – and expertly address change scenarios affecting SAP solutions, releases, interfaces, and industries.

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    Technology Services

    SAP consulting services can help you implement cloud computing and virtualization; and manage rollouts and minimize downtime for an optimized IT environment.

    SAP Trade Promotion Optimization

    Helping our customers lead in their industry by building mission-critical and complex solutions to address unique and ever-changing business requirements.

    Training Needs Analysis

    Assess your educational requirements, from training and support to change management to performance improvement, with needs analysis from SAP.

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    SAP User Experience Monitor Mobile App

    Évaluez les performances et la disponibilité de votre infrastructure informatique avec notre application de suivi de l'expérience utilisateur.

    SAP UX Design Services

    Define, design, and deliver a human-centric user experience (UX) based on proven methodologies – with UX design and implementation services from SAP.

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    SAP Value Management

    Get the maximum value from your SAP software implementation – with our value management services.

    Value Partnership

    SAP’s Value Partnership service helps companies realize the full value of their SAP software investments by combining services, knowledge, and expertise.