SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server

Bénéficiez d'une solution puissante et économique

Étendez votre parc applicatif existant avec SAP Sybase Advantage Database Server, un système de gestion de bases de données relationnelles complet et facilement embarquable. Utilisez plusieurs plates-formes et langages de développement, un accès aux données SQL ou ISAM avec les pilotes natifs.

  • Bénéficier de la souplesse inégalée qu'offrent les bases de données de type SQL seul grâce à un accès aux données à la fois ISAM et SQL.
  • Développer des applications puissantes pilotées par les données pour les environnements client-serveur et mobiles.
  • Passer d'un environnement local à un environnement pair à pair ou client-serveur avec un seul jeu de code source.
  • Installer et gérer sans avoir besoin d'un administrateur de base de données.
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    • Hi there, I am Mike Hagman, Product Manager for Advantage Database Server.
    • Our team at Sybase has been building one of the best embedded database management systems for over 15 years.
    • Advantage Database server is a full-featured client-server database management system. It is easily embeddable, lightweight, and scalable and doesn't require a database administrator.
    • If you are looking for flexibility, you will be happy to know that what makes Advantage unique is it has both ISAM direct-table based navigational access and SQL data access.
    • As for the debate on which method is better, with advantage there is no debate,
    • you the developer has the freedom to choose either or both methods depending upon what's best for your application.
    • But of course I think Advantage is great, don’t take my work for it.
    • We chose Advantage Database server originally because we already had this software we had invested so many hours,
    • so many years on it and moving to Advantage did not represent having to rewrite code or having to change hardly anything about our software,
    • it was a sort of like a plug and play type of addition to our system.
    • As you can see, I am not alone. Advantage Database Server is also highly scalable and it is designed to grow with your business and your customers.
    • For example, lets say this is your construction management application and you need to install it for your customer, a small construction firm.
    • Right now your customer only has one or two users, no IT staff and no server infrastructure.
    • If you use Advantage you can develop and install your application using Sybase’s free Advantage Local Server.
    • An Advantage Database Server Companion product that we designed for smaller interpretations with fewer users and less data.
    • Advantage Local Server is a local file server database, built in the same quality architecture as the Full client-server product.
    • It’s a DLL loaded by the application at runtime and take the place of connection to a Database Server.
    • Couple that with our free clients and free management utility that we call Advantage Data Architect and this database management system is free.
    • Let’s say that over the course of a few years, your customer grows. Their needs have changed and they have more users. Advantage Database server is now better fit.
    • With a simple setting change your application can work with Advantage Database Server.
    • You instantly gain the benefits of client-server computing including complete referential integrity, server-based transaction processing, security and encryption support still with no DBA required.
    • From here you can scale even further to the internet or different technologies while allowing Advantage to manage concurrent data access on the server.
    • When you build with Advantage, you have the piece of mind that your database has the flexibility to grow with your customer’s business.
    • To that same end, Advantage also excels in providing a road path for established applications that need to grow and evolve to today's modern technologies,
    • especially those applications that use DBF tables which Advantage Natively supports.
    • Because of this advantage provides unique upgrade path for applications that typically use navigational methods to access data such as Delphi.
    • Now let’s talk about features.
    • Advantage can help power and grow your application with powerful features such as 64-bit support, referential integrity, events, triggers, stored procedures,
    • user-defined functions and of course encryption and did you know Advantage also supports enterprise calibre features like replication.
    • Advantage implements, push replication, one-way two-way or even higher all while maintaining transactional and referential integrity.
    • How about disaster recovery to protect your data with online backup. Advantage supports full and differential backups.
    • Users can be connected and making changes in your application at the same time the differential backups are running. Advantage also has full text search.
    • Our server-side full text search engine provides very fast content searches for free format text data.
    • Advantage Database Server’s flexibility, scalability and functionality will give your application an advantage.
    • With our free clients, you can use Advantage with the most popular development environments on the market today.
    • We understand that you want partners like Sybase that can help solve problems, not create headaches all at a fair price. Advantage is engineered with just those principles in mind.
    • We invite you to take a look at our highly successful partner program designed specifically to help you succeed.
    • Advantage works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to power your application at a cost structure you can appreciate.
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