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  • "OSEO multiplie les utilisations de PowerAMC " >

    De la modélisation des données au lien avec le MDM ou la cartographie applicative, OSEO multiplie les utilisations de PowerAMC.

  • "Choosing SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere for Partner Applications " >

    Find out how companies are managing to minimize the support requirements for smaller customers, while offering the performance demanded by larger ones, with SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere. This enterprise-caliber database is designed to deliver high performance, yet engineered for deployment when IT resources are lacking.

  • "COSCON" >

    Discover how this container shipping giant set out to implement a standardized data center system to ensure consistent and accurate data and support decision making and management of its global operations. The firm deployed SAP technologies as the foundation on which to build its system.

  • "Data Synchronization, Loading, and Disaster Recovery for Business Operations " >

    Discover how SAP Sybase Replication Server provides real-time data replication to meet the data movement demands of your enterprise. It distributes and synchronizes data across geographies to multiple systems, provides real-time availability of application data for reporting servers, and enables business continuity.

  • "Calcul du coût réel de possession d'un SGBDR et positionnement de Sybase ASE : guide à destination des utilisateurs de SAP Business Suite" >

    Quels sont les problématiques liées aux coûts des applications Base de données, comment calculer et gérer ces coûts ? Lisez le livre blanc IDC pour mieux comprendre les caractéristiques de Sybase ASE et atténuer les coûts associés à vos SGBDR. Bonus, quelques ROI de clients Sybase ASE.

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  • "Next-Generation Business and the Internet of Things " >

    How do you securely connect smart devices via the Internet to your enterprise, capture data at the “point of action,” and analyze huge volumes of machine-generated data in real time? The SAP Real-Time Data Platform is designed to help you thrive in a connected world, meeting the challenges of the Internet of Things.

  • "Fonctionnalités de SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7" >

    Découvrez la fiche technique du produit SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7.

  • "Espresso Briefing - Stratégie de base de données de SAP" >

    La stratégie base de données de SAP et les bénéfices de SAP Sybase ASE optimisé pour les applications SAP.

  • "Emirates NBD" >

    Find out how SAP Sybase IQ helped Emirates NBD Bank make better use of advanced business intelligence functionalities and enable analysts to spend less time waiting for the results of complex queries. As a result, the bank can focus more on meeting customers' needs than on data management technology.


    How does an enterprise that decided to divest several affiliated companies carve out the necessary data to pass along to the buyer, while maintaining business continuity? This company used SAP Landscape Transformation software and engaged the experts of the System Landscape Optimization group from SAP to help.

  • "Maximize Data Value with Very Large Database Management by SAP Sybase IQ " >

    Find out how the very large database management option for SAP Sybase IQ software, enterprise edition, makes it easier for your company to balance IT optimization and business demands concerning data management – with lower storage costs, less time and resources spent on backup, and faster data retrieval.

  • "Intuit" >

    Discover how this well-known, innovative financial software company set out to improve the performance of its flagship product. The company deployed SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere and, as a result, improved both the functionality and performance of its leading solution.

  • "Achieving Analytics That Are Both Cost-Effective and Optimized for Performance" >

    Learn how to make vast improvements in your organization’s decision-making capabilities when you run SAP NetWeaver BW using an SAP HANA database for current data and SAP Sybase IQ as near-line storage for less-critical data – for an ideal balance of cost and performance.

  • "Sybase PowerAMC 16 - Nouvelles fonctionnalités générales" >

    L'interface de PowerAMC a été revue afin de fournir encore plus de convivialité avec : • Une boîte à outils • Des vues de diagramme organisées en onglets • Les personnalisation des menus, barres d'outils et boîtes à outils • Une gestion des fenêtres améliorée.

  • "SAP Sybase PowerDesigner for Data Modeling and Data Architecture " >

    See how SAP Sybase PowerDesigner, an industry-leading data modeling tool, empowers database designers and administrators with robust support for leading databases, enabling cross-functional teams to easily visualize, analyze, and manipulate metadata for effective database design and data architecture implementation.

  • "Tap into Big Data at the Speed of Business" >

    Discover how you can use the power of analytics to get fast answers to complex questions involving months’ or even years’ worth of data – reliably and affordably – using SAP Sybase IQ.

  • "OSEO multiplie les utilisations de PowerAMC" >

    De la modélisation des données au lien avec le MDM ou la cartographie applicative, OSEO multiplie les utilisations de PowerAMC.

  • "Move Beyond Primitive Drawing Tools with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner" >

    Discover how SAP Sybase PowerDesigner has what you need to create and manage an ever-changing enterprise architecture that can evolve with your business, giving you the insight, visibility, documentation, and collaboration capabilities you need for increased agility.

  • "Redington Gulf" >

    See why Redington Gulf – the largest end-to-end supply chain provider for IT distribution and support services across the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey – uses SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise to keep customers happy and ensure success.

  • "Gestion des données - Plate-forme de données en temps réel" >

    Une plate-forme de données temps réel pour offrir la flexibilité et le choix dont vous avez besoin pour aider votre entreprise à se transformer et à être toujours plus performante.


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