SAP Product Stewardship Network

Are you spending too much effort on product compliance declarations?

SAP Product Stewardship Network (PSN) is an online collaboration community for product manufacturers and their supply chains to efficiently collect and manage product sustainability data. Manufacturers increasingly need this data to meet legal and customer requirements, like RoHS and REACH. Companies of all sizes, whether they use SAP or not, can leverage this network to save time and cost.

  • Connect directly with suppliers and customers to streamline and better manage your relationships
  • Request, manage, and update component declarations
  • Create and manage product decalarations as well as declaration requests
  • Manage application content, legal information, and community knowledge
  • Stay informed about features by sharing and discussing best practices


SAP's Product Stewardship Network helps suppliers and manufacturers streamline the product declaration process
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Employee connecting with suppliers online

Varian Medical: Achieves RoHS compliance

Varian Medical Systems now makes faster engineering changes while achieving greater visibility and clarity in its operations. SAP product compliance solutions have helped them protect revenue and drive efficiency while complying with REACH and RoHS.

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Solution Brief: Product Compliance for Discrete

Learn the key capabilities that can help you connect compliance processes with relevant master data and design-to-delivery processes. Our networked solution for product compliance can help ensure marketability while reducing compliance costs and lowering risk of wasted inventory and supply-chain disruption.

Employees ensuring product compliance to regulations

SAP Product Compliance Community

Join, Follow, Learn, and discuss the latest commentary, news, and updates on product compliance.

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