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  • "The SAP Onboarding Guide for OEMs" >

    Use this in-depth guide as a reference for doing business with SAP as an OEM partner. Learn about everything required to get started and how to get fast, easy access to tools and resources to develop, implement, market, sell, and support world-class BI and EIM solutions to customers.

  • "SAP BusinesObjects Data Quality Management" >

    Discover how SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management software lets you analyze, cleanse, and match all types of data to help ensure accurate and complete information anywhere in your enterprise. Built on Web services, this is a flexible solution that you can use across a wide variety of databases and platforms.

  • "Social Media Analytics for an Accurate and Real-Time Understanding of Brand Performance" >

    Learn how companies can listen and understand what people are saying about them and their products with SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. The software extracts customer perceptions from terabytes of social media commentary in real time – enabling brand protection and strengthening market position.

  • "Business Intelligence : Guide de référence pour les PME" >

    Optimiser la productivité et l'efficacité de votre entreprise, quelle que soit sa taille. Quels sont les signes qui montrent que votre entreprise a besoin d’une solution de Business Intelligence ?.

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  • "Banks Betting Big on Big Data and Real-Time Customer Insight (Bloomberg 2013)" >

    Winning new business and satisfying customers are top agenda items in bank boardrooms worldwide. Read this Bloomberg Research Report to learn how leveraging big data and advanced real-time analytics tools can help build better relationships and deliver exactly what customers want.

  • "SAP BusinessObjects Data Services" >

    Découvrez comment SAP BusinessObjects Data Services permet d'intégrer, transformer et fournir des données fiables. Ce logiciel prend en charge des processus de gestion essentiels et aide vos utilisateurs professionnels à prendre des décisions avisées en fonction d'informations fiables en temps réel.

  • "Caisse de Prévoyance Sociale" >

    Find out how the insurance and social security provider in French Polynesia has unified all financial statements, achieved multisource analysis capabilities, and enabled real-time exploration and data availability thanks to SAP BusinessObjects BI suite. Manual tasks have been eliminated and productivity increased.

  • "Enterprise versus departmental BI: pulling together instead of apart" >

    The ideal business intelligence program consists of a complex federated organization. When properly aligned, the BI program reconciles opposites: speed and standards, flexibility and consistency, and efficiency and effectiveness...

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  • "Better Asset Performance with Asset Analytics Software from SAP" >

    Find out how SAP BusinessObjects Asset Analytics helps you track performance of physical assets on which your organization depends for ongoing business success. Integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management, it helps you set up asset management goals and make changes for continuous improvement.

  • "Boosting Profitability Through Full Cost Visibility " >

    Learn all about how SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis helps reduce direct and indirect costs to maximize overall net margin across all combinations of product, customer, sales organization, and channel.

  • "A Real-Time Platform to Spur Innovation in the Mill Products Industry" >

    As data volumes in the mill products industry increase exponentially, many companies are turning to in-memory computing to manage and analyze this Big Data. Read how SAP HANA can turn Big Data into big opportunities to improve performance and drive innovation across your business, from sales to supply chain.

  • "Des données aux décisions : vidéo de présentation " >

    Cette vidéo de présentation des nouveaux packages SAP « data-to-decisions » explique comment SAP peut simplifier l'analyse des données volumineuses en temps réel afin d'aider les entreprises à optimiser leur prise de décisions.

  • "Changer de paradigme dans les systèmes d’information de la santé" >

    Grâce à un programme intégrant le traitement des maladies chroniques et la gestion du bien-être ou de la prévention, les patients apprennent à vivre mieux, à traiter leur maladie, à se responsabiliser pour leur santé et à prévenir les complications.

  • "Streamlined Planning and Consolidation for Finance Teams Running SAP Software " >

    Discover how SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver, can help you free resources for value-added activities through faster planning, consolidation, and reporting. See how it supports planning, budgeting, and forecasting with consolidation functionality in a single application.

  • "SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANA" >

    Improve decision-making capabilities by bringing unprecedented performance to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) with SAP HANA while archiving and accessing massive data volumes cost-effectively with SAP Sybase IQ as a smart near-line store (NLS) achieving the perfect balance of cost and performance.

  • "Customer-Centric Merchandising for Retail" >

    Find out how leading retailers are infusing customer information in the merchandising process to deliver a more customer-centric shopping experience. Using this information in assortment, pricing, targeted promotions, and marketing can increase top-line growth and expand customer loyalty. SAP innovations can help.

  • "Machine Telematics" >

    Learn how truck and heavy equipment companies can realize the benefits of telematics by processing massive volumes of machine data, extracting actionable intelligence, and delivering it anywhere on any device. How? By harnessing the game-changing synergies enabled by analytics, mobile, and in-memory solutions from SAP.

  • "FreshDirect" >

    Découvrez comment FreshDirect, leader des supermarchés en ligne de New York, s'appuie sur le logiciel SAP BusinessObjects pour analyser un volume considérable de données, avoir une parfaite visibilité sur ses activités et servir au mieux ses clients.

  • "Outils d’analyse en temps réel : La voie vers la distribution intelligente" >

    With access to more data than ever before, consumers can quickly compare you against the competition and make buying decisions in an instant. This infographic shows how with real-time data analytics, companies can level the playing field by moving from data to actionable decision in an instant.

  • "Revolutionizing Decision Making with Near-Instant Decision Analytics" >

    Learn how SAP BusinessObjects Sales Analysis for Retail empowers merchandising, marketing, and store operations staff to make informed decisions to drive profitable growth. Powered by SAP HANA, the software enables near-instant roll up and analysis of retail data.


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