SAP ERP – Optimizing Travel Management: Product Demo

Explore how SAP ERP lets you connect directly to low-cost carriers, Web fare consolidators, and hotel reservation systems – so you can reduce travel costs and streamline travel processes.

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    • SAP ERP optimizing travel management. This demonstration shows how SAP ERP allows you to connect directly to low-cost carriers web fare consolidators and hotel reservation systems. Enabling you to reduce travel costs ensure compliance with travel policies and streamline travel processes. Jane Miller is a sales rep. She's planning a trip to meet with a key customer. SAP ERP lets her book the trip herself through a simple, step-by-step process. Jane starts by selecting the dates she will travel. She then enters the destination and the reason for her trip. Jane's departure airport appears automatically based on her user profile. If she needs to, Jane can use the built-in search feature to find another airport. Jane's trip will start in Stuttgart and end in Berlin. SAP ERP connects directly to low-cost carriers and Web fare consolidators. The application automatically checks all systems activated for Jane's user group. Jane selects a flight that fits her schedule. Jane's credit-card and related information is entered automatically based on her user profile. Jane adds the flight to her travel plan. Now she needs to book a hotel. SAP ERP connects directly to the hotel reservation service. The dates and location appear automatically based on Jane's flight. Jane can specify a point of interest in her hotel search. She can also display the hotels in a map. Jane selects a hotel that meets her needs. She can now view her flight and hotel reservations. She can also view costs and cost assignments. Jane reviews the complete information before finalizing her reservations. The application confirms that the reservations have been booked. With SAP ERP, you can reduce travel costs, ensure compliance with travel policies, and optimize travel management.
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