SAP Crystal -ratkaisut

SAP Crystal -ratkaisu on kattava työkalu pk-yrityksille

Tee tosiasioihin perustuvia päätöksiä entistä nopeammin. Edullisten BI-ratkaisujen avulla pk-yrityksesi voi hyödyntää intuitiivista raportointia, mittaristoja, tietojen esittämistä ja ad hoc -analyyseja ja saada kilpailuetua nopeasti.

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Fast, Fact-Based Decision Making

Discover how you can transform corporate, ad-hoc, and third party data into immediate insights. SAP Crystal solutions bring together personalised reports, drillable dashboards, and interactive data – quickly and securely.

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Plot a Course for Success with BI Essentials

Think business intelligence (BI) is just for big corporations? Think again. Discover how the latest SAP Crystal solutions prove that BI information access and reporting tools for smaller companies don’t have to be complicated – or expensive.

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BI Challenges for Smaller Companies

Explore the challenges small and midsize companies face when implementing – and using – BI solutions. And learn how the right technology and BI approach can help you overcome these challenges with remarkable success.

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SAP Crystal Solutions

  • Create and Embed Reports
  • Turn information from almost any data source into a sophisticated, interactive report – with our market-leading report design software.

  • Create Dashboards
  • Create interactive dashboards and presentations with ease – for a comprehensive view of your business.

  • Manage and Share
  • Scale existing SAP Crystal Solutions – so you can manage and share reports and dashboards across your organisation.

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