SAP Transportation Freight Tendering rapid-deployment solution

Optimise outsourced transportation services — by collaborating with multiple carriers

Reduce the cost of your domestic transportation services – by running an integrated software-and-service solution. With it, you can quickly and easily select a transportation carrier and manage your tendering activities. And by using either a simple Web communication, or an intermediate SAP II (Information Interchange) platform, you can gain plug-and-play carrier connectivity.

  • Reduce the costs of outsourcing domestic transportation services
  • Accelerate the tendering process – by quickly gaining visibility of each carriers offerings
  • Establish and manage transparent governance processes for selecting transportation carriers
A truck loaded with materials and ready to make deliveries, a process optimised by running freight tendering software
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Direct Freight Tendering

Communicate your freight orders to your network of carriers – quickly and accurately. And gain insight into their availability, without negotiating pricing, because prices may have been previously contracted.

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Broadcast Freight Tendering

Submit a single freight order simultaneously to several carriers – access the data needed to quickly compare each carrier’s offerings. You can also identify the carrier that best matches your transportation constraints and service-agreement requirements.

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The base price for the implementation of the SAP software is $509,000 USD and does not include maintenance or other negotiated services or fees.

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