Expert insight: The real-time supply chain

Hear Hans Thalbauer, SVP Supply Chain solutions, talk about the real-time supply chain. Business drivers include the need to be global in all aspects, demand driven, efficient, responsive to change, and risk aware. Learn how supply chain solutions from SAP can help.


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Supply chain experts on site

Guaranteed Delivery?


I need to renew my passport.The whole process is a little stressful, and there are two separate things to worry about: Will the Post Office send it safely to the Passport Office? Did I fill the form in correctly? As any small mistake will likely incur a large delay...

Manager connecting with supply chain partners in the SAP EcoHub

Extend Your Supply Chain Solutions

Connect with SAP partners in supply chain management who are equipped to extend your solution to meet your unique business needs. Visit the SAP EcoHub solutions marketplace to find the partner who's right for you.

Supply chain experts collaborating in an office

Tighten Your Supply Chain to Reduce Costs

Manage your inventory from the cloud with the SAP Inventory Manager Mobile App. Capture and maintain accurate inventory data across the value chain to implement just-in-time and just-in-case strategies to reduce carrying costs and service delays.