5 reasons why chemical companies need the cloud

Sectors such as retail and healthcare have enthusiastically embraced cloud computing, but the chemicals industry is still shying away. Yet, to stay competitive, small and midsized industry players need to be able to implement critical functions and rapidly set up new equipment and processes at a small scale – not easy with traditional operational models. Enter the cloud. Discover the top 5 reasons chemical companies can’t do without it.

Chemist examining a beaker
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Plant workers wearing hard hats

Can Chemical Production Systems Take the Heat?

Even normal chemical production creates extreme temperatures, pressures, and substances. With recent growth in the much harsher chemical, petrochemical, and resins sectors – there’s a growing need for equipment, operational approaches, and ERP systems that can take the heat.

Colleagues using SAP’s chemical industry software on a laptop

Chemical Industry: Simplify or Else?

SAPPHIRE NOW’s mantra – “simplify everything, so you can do everything” – should resonate with chemical companies dealing with overly complex systems. Can they simplify in time to stay competitive? Read our blog to find out.

Group of people discussing best practices for chemicals

Test-Drive Our Chemicals Template

With over 200 successful projects around the world, SAP Best Practices for Chemicals has become the standard for new ERP implementations and re-implementations in the chemicals industry. Test-drive our best practices template with preconfigured processes today.