SAP customers: capitalising on the mobile revolution

With more than 40,000 mobile devices in use, SAP is realising significant business benefits from mobilising employees worldwide. To see how SAP is helping companies like yours run better, watch the best-run stories showcased here. Explore how other customers are generating more value with mobile solutions from SAP.

SAP mobile customers shaking hands
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Featured Customer Testimonials

Water sources, representing Anglian's success with SAP mobile solutions

Anglian Water: Improving Workforce Efficiency

How is this British water and wastewater company delivering exceptional service, protecting the environment, and improving the efficiency of its mobile workforce? With Toughbook2 – a complete mobile system built on the SAP Mobile Platform.

Employees on mobile devices

Nongfu Spring: Driving Growth with Mobility

What is the key driver behind Nongfu Spring's rapid growth? An entire mobile system powered by SAP HANA. See how the top distributor of bottled water in China is using the technology to improve store visits, marketing supervision, and sales management.

Modern skyscraper, representing innovation

Lexmark: Building Innovative Mobile Apps

Find out how this printing giant is better managing its mobile devices and creating innovative apps – with SAP Afaria and the SAP Mobile Platform. See how Lexmark is using the solutions to help its customers accelerate processes and cut costs.

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More Customer Testimonials

Vodafone: Making Real-Time HR Decisions

Hear how Vodaphone is providing its HR managers with the mobile apps they need to make HR decisions in real time – for sky-high productivity.

Watch the 4-minute video ›

Asian Paints: Improving Sales Effectiveness

Learn how India's largest paint company is using our mobile platform to give its 1700 sales reps easy mobile access to real-time sales data.

Watch the 4-minute video ›

Tasnee: Increasing Revenues by 200%*

Learn how Tasnee managers are now monitoring their business in real time, directly from their mobile devices – resulting in a 200% revenue increase over three years by leveraging the SAP Mobile Platform.

Watch the customer video ›

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL): Making Banking Easier

See how DBBL helped customers in rural Bangladesh to manage their money using their mobile phones to perform financial transactions, making banking more convenient.

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Powercor: Securely Managing Fleet Devices

See how Powercor installed smart meters to all its customers and provided mobile devices to its fleet of technicians. Then used Afaria to reliably manage and secure these devices enabling the control of power to over 1.1M customers.

Watch the 3-minute video ›

Kardinal Schwarzenberg'sches Hospital: Easily Access Info

See how hospital's healthcare professionals can view patient information, including X-ray images, on mobile devices during ward rounds -- directly at the patient's bedside.

Watch the customer video ›

Standard Bank: Empowering the Unbanked

See how this South African bank is reaching the country's 10M unbanked with an innovative mobile channel and a compelling customer experience.

Watch the 4-minute video ›

Apex Fuels: Facilitating Customer Orders

Find out how Apex was able to move employee sales support to mobile devices – and extend customer order placement and payments online with help from OrchestratedFUEL and SAP.

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Hear From Customers

Our customers are adopting enterprise mobility to transform their businesses and open new avenues of innovation. Discover how companies are accelerating workforce productivity with SAP mobile solutions.

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Tommy Hilfiger: Leveraging Mobile Security

Discover how Tommy Hilfiger is keeping its sensitive data theft-proof and enabling remote wiping of a stolen device in seconds – with our mobile device management and security software.

Watch the 3-minute video ›

Novus International: Feeding the World

Learn how this industry leader in animal health and nutrition is using our mobile solutions to help farmers across the globe produce affordable, wholesome food. Watch this quick video to see how Novus is working towards its vision of feeding the world.

Watch the 3-minute video ›

Computer Sciences Corp: Driving Efficiency

See how this IT solution provider is developing a largely mobile workforce, making decisions in real-time, and ensuring the right people are assigned to the right opportunities.

Watch the 3-minute video ›

Verizon – Managing Mobile Devices

Hear firsthand how Verizon is using Afaria and SAP Mobile Platform to help enterprises securely manage and deploy its employees mobile devices.

Watch the customer video ›

Air Products: Boosting Field Productivity

Discover how the healthcare division of this leading chemical and services supplier is better meeting customer and patient needs with Afaria by reducing document processing time and the number of lost assets by 50%*.

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