SAP Cloud for Sales

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  • "proseed" >

    Discover how this innovative German online marketing agency implemented the SAP Sales OnDemand solution − a cloud-based approach that is now turbo-charging the company's sales processes. The firm uses this cloud application lto manage both complex account information and sales leads in well structured processes.

  • "SAP Customer Insight for SAP Sales OnDemand: Product Demo" >

    SAP Customer Insight is designed with today’s sales people and sales managers at center stage. This modern, intuitive iPad app makes selling a whole lot easier – and a lot more fun. Find out how SAP Customer Insight helps you focus on what’s important to your customers – and what you need to do to make your number.

  • "CRM Essentials: Video" >

    Hear from Brent Leary of CRM Essentials on his thoughts of SAP Sales OnDemand and its benefit to SAP current and prospective customers. Designed for the way you sell today, SAP Sales OnDemand gives you what's needed to work smarter, sell better, and win more.

  • "proseed: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    Hear how proseed's sales and marketing teams collaborate more efficiently and manage accounts effectively to work smarter, sell better, and win more with SAP Sales OnDemand software.

  • "Rieber: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Rieber is a German company supplying kitchen infrastructure. Watch how it is using SAP Sales OnDemand to enhance visibility across all departments for a single customer, bringing its ‘One Rieber’ approach to life.

  • "Rieber: Elevating Sales Effectiveness and Delighting Customers with SAP Sales OnDemand" >

    Discover how this leading provider of kitchen components and solutions uses SAP Sales OnDemand and the SAP Customer Insight mobile app to help ensure that sales reps will know everything it takes to satisfy customer needs. Rieber employees can act as a single team serving its customers though its linked divisions.

  • "proseed: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Hear how proseed's sales and marketing teams collaborate more effeciently and manage accounts effectively to work smarter, sell better, and win more with SAP Sales OnDemand.

  • "SAP Customer OnDemand: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Listen to how BOA BKT, Rieber, Whirlpool, SuccessFactors, and Nebraska Book Company are using SAP Customer OnDemand to improve efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience.

  • "Nebraska Book Company" >

    The Nebraska Book Company is a United States-based college textbook company. Learn how it weathered a dramatic loss in market share to online dealers with SAP Sales OnDemand – retooling its sales organization to compete more effectively and provide prompt, personalized services to customers.

  • "SAP Cloud for Sales" >

    Work smarter, sell better, and win more with a modern, intuitive sales solution designed for the way you sell today. Collaborate in customer context, harness the collective intelligence of your organization, gain deep customer insight at every stage of the sale, and be productive on the road -- all with one complete application.

  • "Optimal Solutions" >

    Find out how SAP Sales OnDemand is helping this high-tech consulting company close more deals faster by enabling its sales people to collaborate in the context of each account, gain the right customer insight at each sales stage, manage accounts more efficiently and deliver greater business value in every customer interaction.

  • "Make Every Rep a Sales Hero with the New SAP Sales OnDemand: Webcast " >

    This Webcast introduces the business challenges facing sales today, and provides an overview and demonstration of how SAP Sales OnDemand can be used to address those challenges.

  • "BOA Group: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    BOA Group is a leading manufacturer of flexible mechanical elements. Watch how it uses SAP Sales OnDemand to share best practices among its sales regions and improve forecasting capabilities.


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