SAP Extended Learning Solution

Share knowledge with your entire ecosystem – with our extended learning management solution

Bring the power of your SAP learning solution to your partners and vendors through extended learning management. By sharing your knowledge, you can collectively achieve higher quality, greater productivity, and faster time to market.

  • Ensure ecosystem compliance for qualification and certification
  • Guarantee partner products and services quality
  • Accelerate and simplify product rollout
  • Reduce customer and partner training costs – while increasing adoption
  • Run external learning activities
Partners and vendors sharing knowledge through extended learning management
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Reach a Broader Learning Community

Find out how you can extend your learning and training offerings to reach a broader, external audience – and build a workforce that is more competent, engaged, and satisfied – with SAP xLSO, option for the Extended Learning Community.

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Meet the Needs of Your Extended Enterprise

Discover how the SAP Extended Learning Solution (SAP xLSO) can help your organisation provide effective training for new and changing audiences. Create high-quality, compliant programmes that accelerate user adoption and boost retention.

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Managing Learning Across the Extended Enterprise



As Thomas Friedman wrote in his bestselling book, “The World is Flat”, our globalised economy has made the transfer and sharing of information more and more complex...

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