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Business intelligence to boost your organization’s IQ

Empower your people with easy access to the business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools solutions they need to make faster, more informed decisions. Our BI platform and software can boost your organization’s collective IQ by giving all users the information necessary to drive smarter processes, improve performance, and become more effective in everything they do.

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Explore our BI solutions

Learn more about our business intelligence software and how it can empower all of your decision makers.

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Real-Time BI: When and Where You Need It

Discover how SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) software can help everyone in your organization analyze Big Data in real time, extract insight from business and social data, and access information anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.

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Everyday BI: Typical User Profile



In the first installment of this series, I described everyday BI as a concept that surfaces everywhere in our daily lives. Next, I want to portray the essential attributes of everyday BI users in order to set the stage for our analyses and experiments in the coming posts.

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How to Use BI to Stand Out from the Crowd

Learn how leading companies are separating themselves from the pack by making the best use of business intelligence software. This Forrester research report shows how they use their BI platform to get better intelligence and drive smarter decisions.

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BI2014 – Orlando March 24-27

Delivering unsurpassed education for professionals that use and support SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP NetWeaver BW.