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Customer Snapshot

On the Right Track with Better Decision Making


industrial trucks for transporting chemicals


Chemion Logistik GmbH covers the entire range of logistics services for the chemical industry and related sectors. With fully automatic extraction from different data sources, they can run standardized and integrated IT-supported business analyses quickly and accurately. Now they can make the right decisions and stay on track.



Chemion Logistik GmbH


Leverkusen, Germany

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€124 million (2011)

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

SAP Consulting

Line of Business

Information Technology


Travel & Transportation, Logistics Service Providers

Featured Products

SAP Data Services, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards


100 years of logistics


  • 2001Chemion Logistik GmbH was created from parts of the former central division Central Logistics from the Bayer Group and other logistics facilities of Bayer corporate divisions
  • 2003 Inaugurated a complex logistic system for Makrolon®. 250,000 tons of Makrolon® granulate can be stored and bottled annually.
  • 2004Opened a new container terminal. The storage capacity of the logistic specialists doubles through the system specially designed for dangerous goods.
  • 2005Offered a new service: commercial fleet management. Companies are able to optimize the capacity and availability of industrial special and commercial vehicles and transfer the coordination and administration efforts to the logistic specialists.
  • 2006Chemion celebrated its 5th anniversary and received the Excellent Logistic Service Provider award from Tronox Pigments GmbH, third largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide worldwide. The tribute was for first-class service and a high level of quality and reliability of logistic services.
  • 2007Opened the new container terminal at the Dormagen location. The 7,000 square meter bimodal system was especially designed to store dangerous substances and equipped with modern RFID technology.
  • 2008Took over the support of the passenger car fleet of Bayer corporate divisions. Around 2,500 vehicles change to the central fleet management of Chemion.
  • 2009Awarded the international certification for corporate integration management (BEM) from the Institute of Quality Assurance in prevention and rehabilitation (IQPR). Chemion was the first company from the chemical industry in Europe to receive the certificate.

The Challenge

Staying competitive

Chemion is constantly expanding its storage capacities and equipment pool and investing in the skills of their employees. And top management needed to plan and control business development and implement targets more effectively. Chemion needed an integrated SAP solution since their internal business processes must run quickly and efficiently.


“Effective business processes and a transparent, up-to-date view across all key figures are vital in maintaining the competitiveness of our company.”

Enter SAP

Better business

Chemion set a key strategic goal: to establish a central reporting platform that would offer standardized and ad hoc reports with the benefit of fully automated data extraction. To meet this goal the company selected a powerful combination of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and the SAP Data Services software.


“The SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions have allowed us to establish integrated, IT-based processes for data extraction through to reporting, which in turn has improved the quality of our business analyses in the long term.”

The SAP Experience

Ramping up faster and below budget

Chemion introduced SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions and SAP Data Services software. With SAP Consulting, they implemented and launched the SAP solutions far faster than planned, and below budget. And employees in the IT and controlling departments could benefit from extensive user training and knowledge transfer at an early stage in the project.


“Participating in the SAP Ramp-Up program allowed us to benefit from the new BI functions and technologies even before market launch. And thanks to the SAP coaching method, we completed the implementation in just six months.”


Targeted improvements

Chemion can now run more detailed and efficient business analyses faster and at higher quality than ever before. They can identify developments such as sudden jumps in sales or unusual customer behavior patterns even earlier, allowing them to react in real time and make the necessary decisions to manage their business activities more effectively.


“Thanks to the consistent and valid data… we can now obtain an up-to date overview of company performance at any time, allowing us to make targeted improvements.”

Run Simple

Clear info, better business

Users can now call up reports and key figures via the central reporting platform at any time. And executive managers can access an up-to-date overview of the company’s business situation. The SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards software aggregates the relevant key figures and analyses and displays the information as clear graphs in a user interface.


“With just a click of the mouse, managers now get an up-to-the minute overview of the company’s position, allowing even more precise planning and controlling of activities.”

Journey Ahead

Drilling down

Chemion has already achieved a great deal, and processes for data extraction and KPI analyses are clearly faster and more efficient. But that’s not all. Now, the company wants to drill down even further into operational KPIs and is looking to obtain key data on inventories, warehouse utilization, inventory turnover, and even deployed resources.

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