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Customer Snapshot

Obsessed with Speed, Simplicity, and Trust

391 million
customers served

As a result of a transformation project known as Evolution Vodafone (EVO), employees are empowered with mobile devices. Employees use their device’s camera to capture expense receipts and managers can quickly and easily approve documents and payment authorizations. These efficiencies ultimately allow Vodafone to focus on delivering reliable, innovative, and cost-competitive services to customers.


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What we are

A network you can depend on.


Vodafone Group Plc


Newbury, United Kingdom

Customer Website



€54 billion

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners


Line of Business

Information Technology



Featured Products

SAP Mobile Platform, SAP HANA, SAP for Telecommunication



  • 1982The Racal Electronics Group wins its bid for the private sector UK Cellular license and calls the new network Vodafone, with less than 50 employees.
  • 1985The Vodafone analogue network is the first cellular network to launch in the UK.
  • 1987Vodafone is recognized as the largest mobile network in the world, and introduces mobile voicemail and paging network in the UK.
  • 1991Racal and Vodafone demerge and the Vodafone Group is listed as an independent company on the London and New York Stock Exchanges. Vodafone and Telecom Finland make the world’s first international roaming call.
  • 1994Vodafone joins the Globalstar consortium to develop and launch a Low Earth Orbiting Satellite mobile phone service.
  • 2000 Vodafone UK and Microsoft announce a joint project to bring Microsoft Outlook functionality to wireless mobile devices.
  • 2001Vodafone introduces instant messaging to its network. Vodafone becomes the first network to offer roaming for pre-pay customers.
  • 2002Vodafone launches the first European GPRS “always on” roaming service.
  • 2005 Vodafone UK launches Speaking Phone for blind and visually impaired customer.
  • 2006Vodafone wins Mobile Retailer’s National Retailer of the Year award—and 10 Million customers enjoy Vodafone live! with 3G.
  • 2007 Vodafone announces the launch of the Secure Remote Access providing data security for remote and flexible workers.
  • 2008Built exclusively for Vodafone, the first ever touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone is announced - the BlackBerry Storm 9500.
  • 2009Vodafone signs an exclusive agreement with Twitter allowing customers to send updates and receive SMS notifications.
  • 2010Vodafone UK wins Best Network in the Mobile News and Mobile awards. Vodafone UK carries the Apple iPhone.

Business Model

Mobility is in our DNA


Vodafone goes to market directly to consumers and through resellers, and is the largest mobile telecommunications company in the world. Approximately 391 million customers are relying on Vodafone to keep them connected to the world continuously with the latest, greatest, and fastest mobile technology.


Mobility is not just advanced technology anymore
—but how people live and do business.

Success Strategy

Walking the talk

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“It means for us when everyone is mobilized, we are walking the talk…we will be able to show our customers how we work in Vodafone with speed, simplicity, and trust.”

By integrating mobile business apps on employee smartphones, Vodafone shows their customers how they use what they market to run their own business successfully. Vodafone has extensive plans for additional enterprise mobilization involving SAP software functions. The road map includes composite applications, the development of a “mobility portal,” and the integration of approval applications with finance, HR, and electronic sourcing.

The Challenge

Meeting process demands of rapid growth

Because of challenges resulting from the company’s rapid growth the competition intensified. Vodafone needed to operate in a more efficient, unified way.


Replacing all local procurement, HR, and finance processes with one central, shared service approach would give Vodafone the ability to share data across all market units, create more consistent processes, and provide employees with easy access to internal systems.


This would ultimately improve productivity, empower employees, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.


We knew that if our people could conduct business via their mobile devices, they would be more satisfied, more productive, and less likely to require training and support. People are highly familiar with their mobile platforms and can get things done at times that were unproductive before, such as waiting in airports. We could see real potential to speed up the critical business processes running on SAP software.

- Lewis Stafford, Solution Architect for Vodafone


Enter SAP

Trusted partner and preferred supplier

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Unchaining people from their desks

Several years ago, Vodafone embarked on a journey of three key global implementations:



to standardize and

globalize core processed






360° understanding of

procurement expenditures,

negotiate better prices, and

service with suppliers


to empower employees with

access to core systems via

mobile devices




“We have really concentrated a huge amount of effort in getting as many of the applications that we use on a daily basis onto our tablets and smartphones so people don’t feel chained to their desks.”

- Niall O’Sullivan

The largest IT transformation in Vodafone’s history, delivering a single SAP platform for finance, HR, and supply chain across 20 operating companies, meant addressing considerable challenges of scale and complexity. As Vodafone’s global delivery partner, Accenture’s team worked side by side with Vodafone in each location to design and deliver the overall solution. By adopting an industrialized approach, Accenture was able to drive major cost savings and realize the value that Vodafone had set for the program.


Accenture focused on: maximizing the reuse of assets, making best use and the optimal mix of offshore and specialist resources, and deploying a comprehensive suite of tools to achieve high levels of automation.

The SAP Experience


Already a trusted partner for years, implementation and integration with existing solutions was simpler thanks to in-house SAP expertise.

Vodafone’s primary systems integration partner, Accenture, filled in skills gaps when needed and assisted with change management in the local markets. Gradually, the project team – including Vodafone internal staffers and the Accenture experts – learned to assess early on how to best allocate resources in a specific project.


SAP, Accenture, and Vodafone worked closely as one team to deliver the program over six years, eight releases, and 20 operating companies. More than 85,000 Vodafone employees can now use the program to access information and perform critical business services in a transparent and consistent way across the global business.

Running Better

Decisions on the fly

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Making decisions

“It’s allowing our people to make decisions on the fly using mobile devices and that was not possible 6 years ago.”

- Ignacio Garcia, Head of Global ERP

With SAP Mobile platform, Vodafone’s time to file travel expenses has been reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, 7,500 expense claims are now filed each week, and 300 person-days potential savings are realized per week.


One global platform

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"When I am travelling, I get asked what the spend is with a certain supplier. When I am negotiating, I have all of the information I need on hand on my mobile device with the help of SAP."

With SAP, Vodafone now has one global platform for finance, HR, and Supply Chain. Centralized procurement enabled Vodafone to aggregate their buying power, negotiate lower prices from suppliers, and share this savings locally. SAP HANA has enabled them to generate accurate consolidated financial reports for better business insight and decision making. The SAP Mobile Platform has enabled them to empower their employees and provide them access to critical information and systems at anytime and anywhere.


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"This will make access to some of our core enterprise systems as easy for our people as buying on amazon, shopping on eBay, or using an app on an iPhone. Fantastic, that will speed up our business and make life simpler and better for our people."

63,000 users of SAP are able to access core HR systems on mobile devices.



Mobility on four fronts

Vodafone currently has a global platform for Finance, HR, and supply chain with 63,000 users of SAP. On the mobility front, they are using four initial applications on mobile devices – HR, Approvals, Leave Requests, and Expense Capture.

Journey Ahead

Mobility trail blazers

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“We will continue to really work hard on the mobility aspect – work hard with our partners SAP and Accenture, to be a real trail blazer in this area.”

Keeping up with rapid technology—as quickly
as possible


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On the future

Niall O’Sullivan

Vodafone offers continual support for their employees, by providing the technology they need to sustain success while keeping up with rapid growth.


Plans are already in sight to implement additional SAP HCM solutions and ERP functionality for employee mobile devices.


We want to implement as many applications as quickly as we can. We would like to get as many users as possible having the vast majority of their interactions on their phone.

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