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Customer Snapshot

Answering the Call for Better Mobile Communications in Indonesia



of Indonesia's population



With over 17,000 islands, having cellular phones and wireless technology makes a lot of sense for Indonesia’s 238 million citizens. And XL Axiata (XL) is one of the region’s leading service providers. Today, XL is using SAP software to boost efficiency in key business operations, compete for the industry’s top talent, and help meet the growing demand for an ever better customer experience.



PT XL Axiata Tbk


Jakarta, Indonesia

Customer Website



US$2.1 billion

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

SAP Consulting, PT Soltius Indonesia

Line of Business

Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology



Featured Products

SAP InfiniteInsight, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM), SAP for Telecommunication


A regional pioneer in telecommunications

The use of cellular phones in the world’s fourth-most-populous country has more than tripled in recent years. XL has been supporting that demand for more than 15 years.


  • 1996XL started commercial operations as the first private mobile services operator in Indonesia.
  • 2006Launched first 3G-based cellular telecommunications service in the country.
  • 2009XL became part of the Axiata Group.
  • 2013XL has more than 45 million subscribers with more than 36,000 cell towers across the nation of islands.

Business Model

A comprehensive product portfolio

As the first private company to enter the cellular marketplace in Indonesia, XL has enjoyed significant growth of their own. They have gone from a small company offering basic mobile telephone and short message service (SMS), to one of the country’s largest telecommunication providers. Their product portfolio now includes cellular telecommunications and comprehensive data services.

Success Strategy

Superior service and talented employees

Competition in this market is intense, and mobile data in particular is driving a new service differentiator. Price is no longer the sole factor for consumers.

XL has responded to the subscribers’ demand for a better customer experience, with improved service levels and operational efficiency. They also recognize that superior end-to-end customer service starts with people, so they continue to look for better ways to develop and retain talented employees.

The Challenge

Streamline and upgrade

As XL continued to grow, they needed to streamline complex and nonintegrated business processes while improving the level of customer service.


Faced with fierce competition in a near-saturated market, generating more-profitable customer relationships and improving retention and loyalty became imperative.


In addition, the company also wanted to retire manual HR operations and upgrade employee recruitment capabilities.


“Our rapid growth actually presented us with some IT challenges. Our internal processes were becoming increasingly complex, and our various point systems didn’t allow us to integrate our data very well.”

– Aris Widodo, Manager of ERP Business Applications, PT XL Axiata Tbk

Enter SAP

Looking for industry-specific software

Staying current with the latest technology is critical in the telecommunications industry. So when it came to modernizing their IT infrastructure, XL was looking for robust and integrated technology that supported industry-specific best practices. SAP software fit the bill.


The SAP InfiniteInsight solution and its predictive modelling capabilities allow XL to analyze data on over 40 million subscribers and determine characteristics like product and churn propensity. The solution was selected over competing offerings and traditional retention and loyalty management strategies because it is fast to deploy, user-friendly, and contributes to the agility of marketing operations


The native integration of the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution with XL’s existing SAP ERP application environment was another key factor in the company’s choice of SAP software.

The SAP Experience

Teamwork leads to successful change management

To support its HR project, XL teamed up with the SAP Consulting organization and implementation partner PT Soltius Indonesia to ensure a smooth rollout. And with the solution’s support for best practices, they were able to implement most of the functional modules without any significant customization.


The combined team followed the proven ASAP methodology and helped ensure that the project achieved scheduled milestones with formal quality checks.


“Change management was a key focus area for our top leadership. They ensured that all XL employees were aware of the project’s goals and well prepared for the use of the new software.”

- Doni Setyawan, Manager of ERP Technical Services, PT XL Axiata Tbk

Better Business

Superior services and processes

By streamlining and upgrading their IT technology with SAP software, XL has improved reporting, reduced operational costs, and realized faster resolution of network problems for all subscribers.


In addition, XL has helped gain a competitive edge by automating their HR processes and eliminating reliance on inefficient spreadsheets. Automated performance management has also led to a greater emphasis on employee development.

“We knew we could streamline HR operations and provide better service to our employees and, ultimately, our customers.”

– Aris Widodo, Manager of ERP Business Applications, PT XL Axiata Tbk


Superior Customer Insight and Marketing Performance

With SAP InfiniteInsight, XL is able to build predictive models from billions of monthly calls and social networks in just a few hours. The instant matching of customer eligibility, inventory availability, and profitability enables XL Axiata’s marketing department to prioritize offer presentations and to deploy a next-best-activity approach.


Furthermore, the team can now proactively identify and target customers at risk of churning well before the loss. This additional insight into customer behavior and preferences helps XL Axiata optimize its marketing campaigns – with the goal to maximize retention, cross-sell, and up-sell across marketing channels, increasing revenue and subscriber usage.


Predictive models from billions of monthly calls and social networks in just a few hours


Measuring the benefits

Replacing XL's old point HR systems resulted in significant operational improvements.



reduction in payroll errors




reduction in monthly payroll processing time



elimination of manual scheduling efforts



reduction in work order creation times


Leveraging predictive analytics to match customer eligibility, inventory, and profitability helps define the next best activity by maximizing retention as well as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities across marketing channels:


increase in campaign conversion rate


increase in prediction accuracy when targeting social "influencers"


reduction in attrition with highest-value subscribers and 8.2% reduction overall


return on investment

Run Simple

Better service across the Indonesian archipelago

These days, XL management is recruiting new talent with far greater visibility and speed. Managers access a centralized database to search for potential talent, and prescreen applicants.

In addition, XL completely automated their once-manual scheduling efforts, and now track newly established service-level agreements. These improvements are helping to reduce the time-to-service, and support greater responsiveness throughout XL’s large service area.

And by empowering its marketing department with powerful, predictive modeling capabilities, XL has now doubled the take-up rate for marketing campaigns, showing that it can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

“We were able to execute highly targeted marketing campaigns powered by predictive models built on SAP InfiniteInsight. Since deployment, we’ve cut attrition across the board by 8.2% and have grown our customer base by nearly 25%.”

– Pradeep Kumar, General Manager of Customer Analytics, PT XL Axiata Tbk

Journey Ahead

Sending a clear message

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and recruiting top talent are key elements to XL’s road map for future success. The company wants to continue to develop the skills and expertise of their current workforce of nearly 3,000. For example, XL intends to generate individualized talent reports and use this insight to offer targeted workshops and manage robust development plans.


With streamlined business processes, best-in class marketing, and an empowered workforce, XL Axiata will always be ready to answer the call.

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