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Customer Snapshot

Dropping the Boom on Baseball Fans

Home of the

2lb  hot dog


Delaware North is a hospitality management company serving half a billion people on three continents. To gain more insight into their customers (actually fans in the seats), Delaware North is using social media to make the connection. SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase helped Delaware North position their famous two-pound hot dog, known as the Boomstick.


Delaware North


Buffalo, New York, USA


~US$2 billion

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners


Line of Business



Sports & Entertainment

Featured Products

SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase

Business Model

Service to the stadiums

Today, Delaware North is the company behind the scenes when you order a hot dog or beer at many sporting venues. While they do not own the team (except for the Boston Bruins) or the venue (except for the TDGarden), they serve their customers, the owners of the stadiums or venue, with food and retail services.

Success Strategy

Forbes 400 list

Delaware North's dynamic family of companies, all leaders in their respective industries, generates over $2 billion in annual revenue—big enough to be included on the Forbes 400 list of the largest privately held companies.

The Challenge

Getting closer to the fans

In an effort to better serve customers, Todd Merry, CMO of Delaware North, outlined three critical issues for his company:


How do we


our customer’s customer?


How can we


a better experience?


How can we do it

cost effectively,

when interactions are fleeting?



Delaware North might work behind the scenes, but they were definitely looking to get closer to the fans that buy hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn. They determined that social media was the answer.

Enter SAP

The easy choice

After evaluating a number of social media analytics tools, Delaware North selected SAP.

The SAP Experience


“We went through an exhaustive six month review of products out there and we landed on this one, both for what it enables us to do, and for the broader context SAP brings, and what SAP is doing in sports.”

– Todd Merry, CMO, Delaware North


Running Better

How a hot dog feeds an entire family

Since its inception, the hot dog dubbed the “Boomstick” was positioned as a “man’s meal,” appealing to hungry dudes looking to conquer the latest digestive challenge. As Delaware North used SAP Social Media Analytics to monitor conversations around the Boomstick, they noticed that initial reactions were mixed. There was some negative sentiment around the product being “excessive” and “a bit too much.”


As social conversations continued, a new theme around the Boomstick began to percolate. Parents started chiming in, not as individuals consuming the two-pound creation, but as breadwinners impressed with the Boomstick's great value for its ability to feed a family. That's when the light bulb turned on for Delaware North. The company shifted the positioning of Boomstick, branding it as a family-oriented meal.

“This is a family product. Stop trying to sell it to
frat guys. Sell it to people who actually see it as a good value.”

– Todd Merry, CMO, Delaware North



SAP social media analytics sheds fresh light

Delaware North is now able to:



social media in different ways for different venues and services


Converstaions and generate buzz



new services and share insights with customers


Fresh light brings fresh presentations

Social media and SAP Social Media Analytics gives Delaware North insight and feedback on new product introductions. They can then listen to the conversations around the product, and finally tweak the product or its positioning.

Journey Ahead

Growing through social media connections

With SAP Social Media Analytics, Delaware North expects to continue to succeed and grow beyond their current $2 billion in revenue. The keys to their strategy lie in three objectives:

  • Continually leverage online communities for insight into retail
  • Cultivate "social super fans" to extend reach
  • Integrate listening into central marketing systems

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