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Customer Snapshot

Stepping Into the Global Market

A shoe that can be folded


times without breaking!


Redfoot Shoes is the footwear division of Bacup Shoe, a leading supplier of made-to-order quality footwear. Bacup’s Redfoot Shoes brand is innovative in design and construction. Their Flexi Sole is made of thermoplastic rubber, and evening shoes with this material fold in half to fit in a handbag during the day, and can be folded 151,000 times without wearing out!



Redfoot Shoes (a brand of Bacup Shoe)


Lancashire, United Kingdom


£2 million

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

Signum Solutions

Line of Business

Manufacturing, Supply Chain


Consumer Products, Retail

Featured Products

SAP Business One


Getting discovered


  • 1928The Bacup Shoe Company was founded in Bacup, Lancashire. Customers included many of the UK's leading high street stores. The company's head office included a 150,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center.
  • 1995Launched Own Design Center and expanded collections.
  • 1997Introduced first stores in Germany.
  • 2000Opened first stores in Poland.
  • 2002Bacup Shoe company opened a new division called Alpha Logistics & Warehousing to make full use of the available warehouse storage facilities  and the talented local workforce.
  • 2004Ran first image campaign with the “totally sexy” slogan.
  • 2011Redfoot was featured in the CBC’s business reality television show, “Dragons Den”. As a result, they secured funding to expand, and manufacturing is now focused in the Far East, with offices in China and Vietnam.
  • 2013Along with the expansion of its headquarters, Bacup Shoe Company recently launched a new girls shoe brand, named Redfoot After Party Shoe.
  • 2013Enjoying ongoing worldwide success and expansion.

Success Strategy

Extending their legs

Bacup moved Redfoot manufacturing operations to lower-cost countries, and shifted their focus to importing and logistics. The availability of warehouse space and skilled personnel in the new location led them to diversify.

The Challenge

How to get information moving

In 2002, the company created a warehousing arm named Alpha Logistics, which needed a system update to compete in the global market. Bacup’s legacy operating system was slow, and relied on manual data entry. Reports and usable information of all kinds were difficult to get from the old technology.


Redfoot Shoes needed to improve access to all business information, and increase efficiencies in every department - design, production, logistics, and accounts.


The company also recognized the need to establish effective communication channels among departments, including project management, stage agreements, and sign offs.

Enter SAP

A cakewalk into acceleration and automation

Alpha Logisticsis a medium-size business operation and Redfoot needed to equip Alpha Logistics with more sophisticated business solutions than spreadsheets on local drives—but not one the size and cost of the "big-business“ business applications. They chose SAP Business One with a dedicated module for apparel-and-footwear businesses.


They were confident SAP Business One would enable them to pull every facet of their business into a single system. Data entry would not only be automated and accelerated, but could be transformed in real-time into valuable, usable information.


For example, real-time stock-level information, sales figures and gross margins could be exported to provide a minute-by-minute picture of the business’s health and performance.

The SAP Experience

With a little help from their friends

SAP called on Signum Solutions as an implementation partner to streamline the changeover from the old system to the new SAP Business One system in just two weeks.

Better Business

Immediate improvements

Redfoot‘s warehousing arm, Alpha Logistics, functioned better instantly after the successful installation of SAP Business One.


  • Staff reported immediate improvements.
  • Manual data input was a thing of the past.
  •  Automated stock control and movement of stock was suddenly efficient and effective.
  • Customer-service representatives could now access a customer’s entire purchase history on demand.

They were now empowered to understand and serve customers better, and manage a larger number of online credit transactions. The business is running more smoothly than ever.



“With SAP Business One, we now have up-to-date, incredibly valuable financial information about our cash position and sales figures at our fingertips.”

- Tim Smith, Managing Director, Redfoot Shoes

Run Simple

Growing with SAP, one season at a time

Alpha Logistics can now create live stock reports, view real-time sales figures, collate management information and report gross profit margins. SAP Business One gives the company an ever-current picture of its financial health.


Manual tasks:

greatly reduced.


powerfully improved.

Accounting processes:



Redfoot Shoes can now effectively and efficiently handle the increasing volume of online credit transactions.

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