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Customer Snapshot

Delivering Knowledge to Millions of Students



of the US college
student population


Nebraska Book Company helps keep independent college bookstores strong. Faced with a dramatic loss in market share to online retailers, NBC retooled their sales organization and processes with SAP Cloud for Sales, giving sales reps and executives ready access to account-related information for prompt, personalized, targeted services.



Nebraska Book Company Inc.


Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

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US$598 million

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Featured Products

SAP Cloud for Sales


Booking business for nearly 100 years


  • 1915Nebraska Book Company (NBC) began with a single bookstore near the University of Nebraska campus.
  • 1940 With more students than books available, NBC began buying books back from students at the end of the term and reselling them, creating a market for used college textbooks.
  • 1964NBC purchased the College Book Company of California, increased national distribution of used textbooks, and began expanding their college bookstore chain (currently over 250 bookstores) nationwide.
  • 1990Added complementary services for college bookstores (including: buying services, turnkey e-commerce, store design and planning, college bookstore management systems, marketing services, distance learning distribution).
  • 2006With the market entry of online retailers like Amazon, NBC was faced with the reality of 21st century bookstores.
  • 2011To compete with online retailers, NBC retooled their sales organization and sales processes and launched SAP Sales OnDemand.
  • 2012Nebraska Book Company is thriving once again.

Business Model

Leading a changing market

Nebraska Book Company is the industry leader in solutions for the college bookstore marketplace, owning and managing about 250 college bookstores nationwide, wholesaling over 6 million used textbooks annually to approximately 2,500 collegiate retailers, and offering additional services for college bookstores.


  • 488
  • 275

Buying, selling, and redistributing used college textbooks

Success Strategy

Staying dedicated to their customer—
college bookstores

Facing stiff competition with online retailers entering the used-textbook business, NBC refocused on the needs of their customers – independent bookstores. So NBC retooled their sales organization and processes to focus on the most profitable activities and deliver improved business insights to the college retailers.


“We want to continue being one of the best outfitters for college retail.”

The Challenge

Reading ahead

For years, college bookstores were the main source of student textbooks across the United States. But like most independents, college stores face fierce competition from online retailers. And they often lack the means to innovate in ways that could fend off the latest market entrants. That’s where Nebraska Book Company (NBC) can help.


  • 488
  • 275

Drilling in on the things that are most profitable

Enter SAP

Embracing change

NBC chose SAP Cloud for Sales once they saw SAP software as the best long-term bet. They liked the ability to capture all account and opportunity information in a single location, helping sales reps focus on selling. Another plus: having the SAP sales applications on the iPad, eliminating the need to manage additional hardware and software in-house.


  • 488
  • 275

Being more collaborative

“We knew SAP software could support our mission of responding to marketplace changes. The SAP Sales OnDemand* solution gives our sales reps the tools they need to succeed.”

* Now called SAP Cloud for Sales

The SAP Experience

Making a better bookstore

Since NBC sales reps use iPads, deployment focused on that platform. NBC leveraged SAP Cloud for Sales content management for contracts and other customer-relevant documents, and reps can now review and target accounts based on classification. It was easy for NBC to integrate their internal system with SAP Cloud for Sales.


“What we've done is look for the things that
make a bookstore profitable
, and we've built those pieces of information into Sales OnDemand*, and given the reps a one-stop look at everything that makes the account profitable.”

*Now called SAP Cloud for Sales


  • 488
  • 275

A one–stop look

“We've taken 50% of what reps spent their day doing, and we've eliminated it, because they were looking at 10 different places, 10 different sources, having to talk to 10 different people – we've put that all onto
one screen at the touch of a finger on their iPad…”


A 21st century sales force

  • 488
  • 275

100% of reps met or exceeded growth targets for the year

NBC´s sales reps now have all the information they need to be productive on the road. With an at-a-glance view of account details, status, and ranking, reps can focus on the most profitable activities. Real-time feeds keep them up-to-date and make collaboration easy. With SAP Cloud for Sales, reps have far surpassed past previous results.


Run Simple

More than book smart

SAP Cloud for Sales gives NBC sales reps detailed data and metrics to deliver new business insight to their customers. And sales performance measurement has improved, too – since it’s critical that reps focus on acquiring used books at the end of each term, today, NBC can capture that activity and stack-rank sales reps accordingly.


  • 488
  • 275

Bringing accounts to the next level

Journey Ahead

Turning the page for ERP

A year from now, NBC expects to get even more value from SAP Cloud for Sales, as reps use it more consistently. NBC has already implemented the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application to streamline budgeting and reporting. Going forward, they plan on deploying the SAP ERP application and integrating it with SAP Cloud for Sales.


“When you’re investing in software for the long term, SAP is the obvious choice.”

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