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Customer Snapshot

24/7 Home Shopping – Live and Personalized



home shopping network to have all products quality-inspected by a non-partisan group

Home Shopping Europe uses SAP CRM today to help provide the best possible service to its consumers, while delivering critical stock information to drive the business. To further enhance the experience and increase sales opportunities, HSE24 is looking to SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA to provide more insight to adapt offers in real-time.


Home Shopping Europe GmbH (HSE24)


Ismaning, Germany

Customer Website



€470 million

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

SAP Consulting

Line of Business




Featured Products

SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA


Watch, order, and unwrap.


  • 1995H.O.T. went on air in October as Germany's first television shopping station.
  • 1996Started offering live shopping shows, and expanded delivery to Austria. Home Shopping Network (HSN), one of the largest US teleshopping companies, acquires a share in the company.
  • 1998The company's Online Shop went live, combining TV, teletext, and online shopping.
  • 2000In June the number of active customers actually placing orders reached the one-million mark.
  • 2001 All products received the German TÜV Technical Inspection stamp of quality. Home Shopping Europe became the first shopping channel to offer products checked for quality by this non-partisan inspection institute.
  • 2004Introducing a new brand appearance, Home Shopping Europe became known as HSE24.
  • 2005HSE24 celebrated its 10th birthday and, on the occasion, published the first milestone manual on teleshopping together with Goldmedia: Teleshopping in Germany.
  • 2009 HSE24 acknowledged as Germany's Most Customer-Oriented Service Provider 2009. Once again the Home shopping Specialist convinced customers through outstanding service while also winning special awards for supervision and trade.
  • 2010 With HSE24 mobile, comprising a smartphone and an associated prepaid card, HSE24 launched an additional sales platform via for customers to experience one-touch shopping anytime, anywhere.
  • 2011HSE24 became available on the iPad in addition to TV, online, and smartphones. Customers can access and order from the entire product portfolio of all three HSE24 channels by using the "HSE24 tablet" application.
  • 2012Home Shopping Europe GmbH achieved another record in sales and earnings during FY2011. Earnings increased by 7% to €470 million. Looking back at the past 5 years, the Munich Company can show an average annual growth in sales of 10%.

The Challenge

Needing real-time…big time

Optimal IT infrastructure is pivotal to HSE24. Without it, call center agents would not be able to take orders, and the company would lose traction on-air to guide the live business—which is critical, because every second lost means a direct loss in sales.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-hse24-why-real-time-is-so-important-to-hse24-vidcj685.mp4
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Why real-time is so important to HSE24

Enter SAP

Needing a full customer picture

HSE24 was already using SAP CRM to provide customers with best in class service, along with key sales and stock information to the producers who steer the show.


What HSE24 did not have was the full customer picture.


They had basic information such as how many customers were calling in but really wanted more detailed information—asking questions like “What situation is the customer in? What’s the context of their purchases, and what could be learned live from this information so it could all be used to adapt future programs.


A healthy co-dependency

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-hse24-benefits-of-sap-vidcj686.mp4
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Strategy for live cross and up-sales can be customer-focused rather than product-focused.

“What we’ve seen is that we can get a complete picture of the customer in seconds - including data coming from new sources like social media. We can now have more detailed analyses of our sales in real-time, and deliver personalized offerings to the customer while he is calling, for new cross and up-sell opportunities. We want to continue to grow our sales in new countries. Having one real-time platform will be a key success driver for us to conquer the markets in the future.”


After evaluation, HSE24 thinks SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA will give them far more insight about customer reactions, including such details as what a customer expects in their social media environment—thus, allowing HSE24 to adapt the offerings to each customer’s needs, in real-time—whether they are shopping from the computer, on the phone, or through a mobile device.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-hse24-key-findings-in-an-evaluation-with-sap-vidcj687.mp4
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Key findings in an evaluation with SAP

Journey Ahead

Proactively optimizing every customer experience

Regardless of whenever, wherever, and however the customer wants to reach the company, HSE24 wants to give each customer the same experience. And if a customer has a complaint or a service need, HSE24 wants to see it—even via social media. They want to be as proactive as possible towards their customers.

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-hse24-journey-ahead-vidcj688.mp4
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The power of live analytics adds quality and consistency to the customer’s experience.

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