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Customer Snapshot

Improving Quality of Life
is the Focus for this Best-Run City

7 days a week,
24 hours a day

customer service


The Performance Management Scorecard gives City of Boston officials and residents the ability to monitor what city agencies are doing, how well they are doing it—and pinpoint areas for their improvement.


Collecting, sharing and analyzing the data helps city agencies understand which programs are working. It also enables them to troubleshoot and be proactive towards ensuring progress in reaching strategic policy goals.


City of Boston


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Line of Business

Service, Sustainability, Information Technology


Public Sector

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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform, SAP Strategy Management, SAP HANA

Business Model

The key to maintaining such a livable city

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The City of Boston has always had great intentions of delivering good personal customer service.

Boston prides itself on being one of the most livable cities in the USA. Twenty-one diverse neighborhoods offer more than 600,000 residents the opportunity to taste, touch, and experience things from all over the world. Neighbors benefit from exceptional medical facilities, vibrant neighborhood business districts, and a solid network of parks, community centers, and libraries.

Success Strategy

Thinking with a new perspective

Local governments are challenged today to provide centralized citizen contact centers that effectively utilize new technology for fast, friendly and responsive service—which has become the new face of government to the public. The City of Boston is taking this on through the perspective of an open government that collaborates with the citizens.


“We think that government truly needs to be transformed – think about old problems in new ways.”

The Challenge

Starting with raw data

This seamless service must engage citizens through multi-channels, empower citizens by enabling direct interaction, and then demonstrate accountability through performance reporting, not just for calls but also for service delivery.


There was no system in place to achieve this desired level of customer service efficiency. For example, the Customer Services organization could not track the number of phone calls they got every day or how many requests were successfully answered – they literally had no data.

Enter SAP

It’s all about results

The city had a program that was called "Boston About Results (BAR)" that existed back in 2006 and 2007. The SAP Strategy Management tool helped the city to take BAR to the next level from an interesting data collection effort to truly a performance management system across the entire city.


“The way that SAP had designed the strategy management tool was very consistent with
how our organization thought about
performance management.”

The SAP Experience

Working together for the people

Once the city had the foundation of the tool in place, they innovated and enhanced it to create a compelling, interactive public web presence for Performance Management.


The City of Boston and SAP worked together to develop an iPad/iPhone app, which allows employees to have a dashboard of those performance metrics on mobile devices that people in the city and people outside the city – meaning the constituency – can use.

Running Better

Award-winning efforts

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Winning the Digital Government Achievement Award

Boston was looking to vastly improve data collection and have an easy-to-use application with a standard software interface with no need for complex coding. The city also wanted a flexible, configurable solution that could coexist with its existing environment. SAP met all of these requirements.


The City of Boston was recently awarded the Digital Government Achievement Award for their "Boston About Results" performance management system, the dashboard that they created for their constituents. This was a complete overhaul of the technology that supports performance management in the City of Boston, and, leveraging the technologies of SAP, the city was able to change how the departments use these tools, and improve how their citizens see the city’s performance.


Empowering citizens

Powered by the SAP Strategy Management tool and the web interface that the city has built, citizens can actually go online and discover:


"How is my city actually performing?"
“How are those taxpayer dollars really being spent?"

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The benefits

Constituents can track and see that the work is getting done: The pothole request is getting filled, the tree trimmed and the streetlight fixed.



The City of Boston wants to continue to improve their efficiency, while creating channels of engagement with their constituents.



Journey Ahead

Resurrecting trust in government—for the people

This is a great time to be in government, because we have all these cool things happening in technology. If you look at the advancements in mobility and cloud computing and social media and what that offers us in terms of communicating with our residents. We can now create engagement channels that allow the constituent to see and feel and touch what their government is doing— and develop that trust relationship back with government.



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